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Operation: Watchdog is a PvE mission in Armored Warfare.

Briefing[ | ]

"July 23, 2036. Intel tells us that there is going to be a major push to take over Batumi. You need to stop them at all costs!"

Primary Objective[ | ]

Destroy the Bridge[ | ]

Capture either control point at H3 or H5.

Defend the Hospital[ | ]

After completing the first objective, the players are tasked to defend the control point at D2 for 5 minutes.

Defend the HQ[ | ]

After completing the second objectives, the players have to defend two control points, which are located at E5 and G5, from enemy attacks for 5 minutes.

Secondary Objective[ | ]

There are a total of three secondary objectives that appear over the course of the mission.

Stop the Saboteur[ | ]

Players have 2 minutes and 30 seconds to shoot down the first helicopter, which spawns at the start of the mission. As of August 2021, a game bug causes two helicopters to spawn, but destroying either aircraft completes the objective.

Stop the Second Saboteur[ | ]

This secondary objective becomes active at the same time with "Defend the Hospital" primary objective. Players have 2 minutes and 40 seconds to shoot down the second helicopter.

Stop the Last Saboteur[ | ]

The last secondary objective becomes active at the same time with "Defend the HQ" primary objective. Players have 3 minutes to shoot down the third helicopter.

Strategy[ | ]

Expect light resistance on the T junction just east of the bridge. A large number of enemy vehicles, including two lieutenant vehicles, will approach the east control point via the bridge from the western coast, with a few also approaching from the north along the eastern coast or the road. Staying on a control point in combat is not recommended, as it is vulnerable to enemy fire from multiple angles. Players with armored vehicles should use the nearby buildings and vehicle wreck from combat to take cover, while lighter vehicles can use the hill near G6 or take cover behind the trains near J4 to provide fire support. Completing the first objective destroys the bridge, and any vehicles that are still on the bridge can take massive fall damage.

It is recommended to eliminate all available enemies rather than capturing a control point to complete the first objective, because any remaining enemies left from the first wave will also advance upon the second objective's location. New enemies from the second wave always spawn from the northwest corner and attack the control point at D2 from the west or north, therefore it is recommended to cross the shallow water and head towards the objective from the south, where there are hills for player vehicles to spot and fire upon the enemies.

The last phase requires players to defend two control points at once, so players may consider splitting into two teams for this objective. The northern control point will be attacked from the east, whereas the enemies attacking the southern control point come from the east and south. The northern control point takes priority as it tends to be captured quicker than the southern counterpart and is further away from players' spawn point. Armored vehicles can defend the control points at close range, and push through to defend another if necessary, while players with lighter vehicles should support them from a distance. Firing from the west bank is a safe way for lighter classes to score hits on the enemies' side that attack the northern control point, but this usually relies on other vehicles or mechanized infantry to provide the vision. The southern control point can be defended from the foliage just below the T junction at I6, but players should be careful of enemy vehicles that occasionally spawn near that location.

Rewards[ | ]

Watchdog has a x3.4 Experience Experience multiplier and base x10.49 Credits Credits multiplier for completing the mission. The latter can be boosted to x15.74 if all secondary objectives are complete (x1.75 per secondary objective).

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • On Russian game client, the mission is called "Стена", which means "wall".