Armored Warfare Wiki

This page features a full list of playable vehicles featured in Armored Warfare.

Vehicles whose dealer's name is in italic denote special vehicle status, i.e. vehicles that are not obtainable directly from the said dealers, but are assigned to them for Battle Path and Raid missions with dealer requriements.

Main Battle Tanks[]

Name Tier Dealer Status
M50 1 Sol Schreiber Progression
Type 59 1 Zhang Feng Progression
M48 2 Sophie Wölfli Progression
M51 2 Sol Schreiber Premium
T-55 2 Marat Shishkin Progression
Type 69 2 Zhang Feng Progression
AMX-50 3 Francine De Laroche Progression
Chief. Mk.2 3 Marat Shishkin Progression
Leopard 1 3 Sophie Wölfli Progression
M60 3 Sophie Wölfli Progression
T-55 Enigma 3 Zhang Feng Premium
T-62 3 Marat Shishkin Progression
Tiran 6 3 Sol Schreiber Progression
Type 79 3 Zhang Feng Progression
AMX-30B2 4 Francine De Laroche Premium
AMX-30B2 Brenus 4 Francine De Laroche Progression
IS-7 4 Marat Shishkin Premium
M60A1 4 Sophie Wölfli Progression
Magach 5 4 Sol Schreiber Progression
OF-40 4 Francine De Laroche Progression
Object 430 4 Marat Shishkin Premium
Sho't Kal Dalet 4 Sol Schreiber Progression
T-55M1 4 Marat Shishkin Premium
T-62M 4 Marat Shishkin Premium
T-64A Mod.1969 4 Marat Shishkin Progression
Type 59-IIA 4 Zhang Feng Premium
Type 80-II 4 Zhang Feng Progression
AMX-40 5 Francine De Laroche Progression
Chief. Mk.10 5 Marat Shishkin Progression
Chief. Mk.11 5 Marat Shishkin Premium
Chief. Mk.6 5 Marat Shishkin Premium
Leopard 1A5 5 Sophie Wölfli Progression
M60A2 5 Sophie Wölfli Progression
M60A3 5 Sophie Wölfli Progression
Magach 6B 5 Sol Schreiber Progression
Merkava 1 5 Sol Schreiber Progression
Object 279 5 Marat Shishkin Premium
T-64A Mod.1976 5 Marat Shishkin Progression
T-72 Ural 5 Marat Shishkin Progression
T-72A 5 Marat Shishkin Progression
T-72M1 5 Marat Shishkin Premium
T-80 5 Marat Shishkin Progression
TR-85M1 5 Zhang Feng Premium
Type 74 5 Francine De Laroche Premium
Type 85-IIM 5 Zhang Feng Progression
Chief. 900 6 Marat Shishkin Progression
KPz 70 6 Sophie Wölfli Premium
Leopard 2AV 6 Sophie Wölfli Progression
M1 Abrams 6 Sophie Wölfli Progression
M60A3 SLEP 6 Sophie Wölfli Premium
MBT-70 6 Sophie Wölfli Premium
Magach 7A 6 Sol Schreiber Premium
Magach 7C 6 Sol Schreiber Progression
Merkava 2B 6 Sol Schreiber Progression
Seon'gun-915 6 Francine De Laroche Premium
T-72B 6 Marat Shishkin Progression
T-72M2 Wilk 6 Zhang Feng Premium
T-80B 6 Marat Shishkin Progression
Type 90-II 6 Zhang Feng Progression
Type 96 6 Zhang Feng Progression
WZ-1224 6 Zhang Feng Premium
XM1 6 Sophie Wölfli Premium
9910 7 Zhang Feng Progression
Challenger 1 7 Marat Shishkin Progression
K1A1 7 Francine De Laroche Premium
Leclerc Proto 7 Francine De Laroche Progression
Leopard 2 7 Sophie Wölfli Progression
M1A1 Abrams 7 Sophie Wölfli Progression
M1A1 Storm 7 Sophie Wölfli Premium
M60-2000 7 Sophie Wölfli Premium
Merkava 2D 7 Sol Schreiber Premium
Object 187 7 Marat Shishkin Premium
Sabra Mk.2 7 Sol Schreiber Premium
T-80U 7 Marat Shishkin Progression
T-90 7 Marat Shishkin Progression
Type 90 7 Francine De Laroche Premium
Type 96A 7 Zhang Feng Progression
T-72M4CZ 7 Zhang Feng Premium
Al-Hussein 8 Marat Shishkin Progression
Burlak 8 Marat Shishkin Premium
C1 Ariete 8 Francine De Laroche Progression
Chall. 1 Falcon 8 Marat Shishkin Premium
Leopard 2A5 8 Sophie Wölfli Progression
Leopard Evo 8 Sophie Wölfli Progression
Leopard Revo 8 Sophie Wölfli Premium
M-95 8 Zhang Feng Premium
M1A1 AIM 8 Sophie Wölfli Premium
M1A2 Abrams 8 Sophie Wölfli Progression
Merkava 3 Baz 8 Sol Schreiber Progression
T-72B3 8 Marat Shishkin Premium
T-90A 8 Marat Shishkin Progression
Type 96B 8 Zhang Feng Premium
Type 99 8 Zhang Feng Progression
VT4 8 Zhang Feng Progression
Vickers Mk.7/2 8 Marat Shishkin Premium
BM Oplot 9 Zhang Feng Premium
Chall. 2 Hades 9 Marat Shishkin Premium
Challenger 2 9 Marat Shishkin Progression
Leclerc 9 Francine De Laroche Progression
Leo. 2A6 Hades 9 Sophie Wölfli Premium
Leopard 2A6 9 Sophie Wölfli Progression
M1A2C 9 Sophie Wölfli Progression
M1A2C Hades 9 Sophie Wölfli Premium
Merkava 4 9 Sol Schreiber Progression
T-90MS 9 Marat Shishkin Progression
T-90MS Hades 9 Marat Shishkin Premium
TTB 9 Oscar Faraday Progression
Type 99A 9 Zhang Feng Progression
Altay 10 Oscar Faraday Premium
CATTB 10 Sophie Wölfli Premium
Chall. 2 ATDU 10 Marat Shishkin Progression
Chall. 2 SFII 10 Marat Shishkin Premium
K2 10 Francine De Laroche Progression
Leclerc T4 10 Francine De Laroche Progression
Leopard 2AX 10 Sophie Wölfli Progression
Merkava 4M 10 Sol Schreiber Progression
Object 195 10 Marat Shishkin Premium
Object 490 10 Marat Shishkin Premium
Object 640 10 Marat Shishkin Premium
Panzer 87-140 10 Sophie Wölfli Premium
Strv 2000 10 Sophie Wölfli Premium
T-14 152 Armata 10 Marat Shishkin Premium
T-14 152 Hades 10 Marat Shishkin Premium
T-14 Armata 10 Marat Shishkin Progression
Type 10 10 Francine De Laroche Premium
Type 99A2 10 Zhang Feng Progression
Type 99A2 Hades 10 Zhang Feng Premium
Type 99A2-140 10 Zhang Feng Premium
XM1A3 10 Sophie Wölfli Progression

Armored Fighting Vehicles[]

Name Tier Dealer Status
Scimitar 1 Sophie Wölfli Progression
LAV-150 2 Sophie Wölfli Progression
BMD-1 3 Marat Shishkin Progression
BMP-1 3 Sophie Wölfli Progression
OT-65A 3 Zhang Feng Progression
XM800T LAW 3 Sophie Wölfli Progression
BMD-1P 4 Marat Shishkin Progression
BMP-1P 4 Sophie Wölfli Progression
BWP-1M 4 Zhang Feng Premium
OA-82 Jarmila 4 Zhang Feng Progression
Shilka 4 Marat Shishkin Premium
ZBD-86 4 Zhang Feng Premium
AMX-13 DCA 5 Francine De Laroche Progression
BMD-2 5 Marat Shishkin Progression
BMP-2 5 Sophie Wölfli Progression
BVP M-80A 5 Zhang Feng Premium
OT-64 5 Zhang Feng Progression
VBL 5 Sophie Wölfli Progression
XM247 5 Oscar Faraday Premium
BMD-4 6 Marat Shishkin Progression
BMP-3 6 Sophie Wölfli Progression
BVP-M2 6 Zhang Feng Progression
Fox 6 Sophie Wölfli Progression
MT-LB S8 6 Marat Shishkin Premium
Sabre 6 Marat Shishkin Premium
Scorpion Kastet 6 Zhang Feng Premium
ZBL-08 6 Zhang Feng Progression
BMD-2M 7 Marat Shishkin Progression
BMP-3M 7 Sophie Wölfli Progression
BWP-2000 7 Zhang Feng Premium
Rosomak 7 Zhang Feng Progression
Type 89 IFV 7 Francine De Laroche Premium
VBL Ingwe 7 Sophie Wölfli Progression
Warrior 7 Sophie Wölfli Progression
Bradley FV 8 Sophie Wölfli Progression
CV90 Mk.IV 8 Sophie Wölfli Premium
Derivatsiya 8 Marat Shishkin Premium
Griffin 50mm 8 Oscar Faraday Progression
K21 8 Francine De Laroche Premium
Marder 2 8 Sophie Wölfli Premium
Pindad 8 Oscar Faraday Premium
Rosomak M1M 8 Zhang Feng Progression
Stalker 8 Marat Shishkin Premium
VBR 8 Sophie Wölfli Progression
AS21 9 Francine De Laroche Progression
CRAB 9 Sophie Wölfli Progression
Hunter AFV 9 Francine De Laroche Premium
K-153C 9 Francine De Laroche Progression
T249 9 Oscar Faraday Progression
Kornet-EM 10 Oscar Faraday Progression
Namer 10 Sol Schreiber Premium
SPHINX 10 Sophie Wölfli Progression
Shadow 10 Oscar Faraday Premium

Light Tanks[]

Name Tier Dealer Status
M41 1 Sophie Wölfli Progression
PT-76 1 Marat Shishkin Progression
PT-85 1 Marat Shishkin Progression
T92 ACAV 2 Marat Shishkin Premium
T92 LT 2 Marat Shishkin Progression
Scorpion 3 Marat Shishkin Progression
Scorpion 90 4 Marat Shishkin Progression
Bglt. Pz 57 5 Marat Shishkin Progression
Sheridan 5 Marat Shishkin Progression
Exp. Tank 6 Oscar Faraday Premium
RDF/LT 6 Oscar Faraday Premium
Stingray 6 Marat Shishkin Progression
VFM Mk. 5 6 Marat Shishkin Premium
CV90105 TML 7 Sophie Wölfli Premium
Stingray 2 7 Marat Shishkin Progression
TAM 2IP 7 Oscar Faraday Premium
ASCOD 8 Oscar Faraday Premium
Dragun 125 8 Sophie Wölfli Progression
Griffin 120mm 8 Oscar Faraday Premium
Harimau 8 Francine De Laroche Progression
M8 Buford 8 Marat Shishkin Progression
CV90120 Ghost 9 Sophie Wölfli Premium
M8-120 Hades 9 Marat Shishkin Premium
Thunderbolt II 9 Marat Shishkin Progression
VT5 9 Zhang Feng Premium
WPB Anders 9 Marat Shishkin Progression
ZTQ-15 9 Zhang Feng Premium
K21 XC-8 10 Oscar Faraday Progression
MPF LT 10 Sophie Wölfli Premium
PL-01 10 Marat Shishkin Progression

Tank Destroyers[]

Name Tier Dealer Status
Dragoon 90 3 Sophie Wölfli Progression
M113 ACAV 3 Sophie Wölfli Progression
AMX-10P 90 4 Francine De Laroche Premium
LAV-150 90 4 Sophie Wölfli Premium
LAV-300 4 Sophie Wölfli Progression
Ontos 4 Oscar Faraday Premium
Zhalo-S 4 Marat Shishkin Progression
ERC-90 F4 5 Sophie Wölfli Progression
IT-1 5 Marat Shishkin Premium
Rooikat 76 5 Oscar Faraday Progression
SU-152 5 Marat Shishkin Premium
Wiesel TOW 5 Sophie Wölfli Progression
C13 TUA 6 Francine De Laroche Progression
LAV-600 6 Sophie Wölfli Progression
Object 287 6 Marat Shishkin Premium
Sucuri II 6 Oscar Faraday Progression
Swingfire 6 Sophie Wölfli Progression
Taifun II 6 Sophie Wölfli Premium
Assaulter 7 Zhang Feng Premium
Centauro 105 7 Sophie Wölfli Progression
NM142 7 Oscar Faraday Progression
PTZ-89 7 Zhang Feng Premium
Type 16 MCV 7 Francine De Laroche Progression
Wiesel HOT 7 Sophie Wölfli Progression
ZUBR PSP 7 Zhang Feng Premium
AMX-10RCR 8 Francine De Laroche Premium
BMPT 2000 8 Marat Shishkin Premium
BMPT 2017 8 Marat Shishkin Premium
Bradley AAWS-H 8 Oscar Faraday Premium
Khrizantema-S 8 Marat Shishkin Premium
M1128 MGS 8 Sophie Wölfli Progression
M1134 ATGM 8 Sophie Wölfli Premium
Ramka-99 8 Marat Shishkin Progression
ST1 8 Zhang Feng Progression
Sprut-SD 8 Oscar Faraday Progression
VCAC Mephisto 8 Francine De Laroche Progression
WWO Wilk 8 Zhang Feng Premium
AGDS 9 Sophie Wölfli Premium
B1 Draco 9 Sophie Wölfli Progression
BMPT-72 9 Marat Shishkin Progression
BMPT-72 Hades 9 Marat Shishkin Premium
Centauro 120 9 Sophie Wölfli Progression
Kurganets-25 9 Marat Shishkin Premium
Leclerc T40 9 Francine De Laroche Premium
M113 Hellfire 9 Oscar Faraday Progression
QN-506 9 Zhang Feng Premium
Stryker ADATS 9 Sophie Wölfli Premium
AFT-10 10 Zhang Feng Premium
Kornet-D1 10 Marat Shishkin Premium
M48 GAU-8 10 Oscar Faraday Progression
MGM-166 10 Oscar Faraday Progression
T-15 Armata 10 Marat Shishkin Progression
T-15 Kinzhal 10 Marat Shishkin Premium
Wilk XC-8 10 Zhang Feng Progression

Self-Propelled Guns[]

Name Tier Dealer Status
M108 3 Zhang Feng Progression
Abbot 4 Zhang Feng Premium
Abbot VE 4 Zhang Feng Premium
Gvosdika 4 Zhang Feng Progression
M109 5 Zhang Feng Progression
Akatsiya 6 Zhang Feng Progression
Palmaria 7 Zhang Feng Progression
PLZ-89 7 Zhang Feng Progression
Paladin 8 Zhang Feng Progression
Msta-S 9 Zhang Feng Premium
PLZ-05 9 Zhang Feng Progression
PzH 2000 9 Zhang Feng Progression
Centauro 155 10 Zhang Feng Progression