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The VFM Mk. 5 is a Tier 6 premium Light Tank under Marat Shishkin's dealership.

History[ | ]

Class: Light Tank (Prototype)
Developed: 1984-1986
Service: N/A
Vehicles Built: 1
Operators: N/A

For many years, Vickers has been a major armor producing company, having developed a number of successful export tank designs, including the Vijayanta or the Vickers Mk.3 MBT. The VFM Mk.5 Light Tank was one of the company's later designs. The philosophy behind the design was quite unusual. It was created as a response to increasing demand for a light vehicle with excellent firepower to form part of the newly formed rapid-response units that were starting to appear all over the world at the time.

The VFM Mk.5 Light Tank was a private venture design that was always intended for export. It was designed in the 1980s in cooperation with the American FMC Corp and the first prototype was ready in 1986. The vehicle officially completed firing and mobility trials in 1987. The design itself is actually quite interesting. For one, it's not originally British but based on the FMC Close Combat Vehicle - Light (CCV-L), a contender in the U.S. Armored Gun System (AGS) program. In this sense, the Mk.5 is actually related to the American M8, but the main drawback of the CCV-L was that it was extremely expensive, something most potential clients for the VFM could not afford.

While a solid design in its own right, unfortunately, the VFM Mk.5 came at the wrong time. Just two years after the completion of all the required trials, the Soviet Union started collapsing and thousands of cheap armored vehicles flooded world markets. The VFM Mk.5 never found its intended buyer and the entire project remained at the prototype stage.

Vehicle Traits[ | ]

  • Stealthy: This vehicle does not lose any camouflage when moving at any speed, which is handy primarily for scouting.
  • HESH Rounds: This vehicle can fire special Squash Head rounds. These are extremely effective against angled armor that is typical for Soviet tanks.

Ammunition[ | ]

# Ammo
XP Cost Damage Penetration Velocity Reload
1 105mm M735 APFSDS APFSDS Stock 380 560[note 1] mm 1509 m/s 4.80 s
  • Accuracy (Fully Aimed): 0.09 °
  • Fire Chance Bonus: 25 %
  • Damage Randomization: ± 5 %
  • Penetration Randomization: ± 5 %
  • Ricochet Angle: 67.0 °
2 105mm M393A2 HEP HEP Stock 340 420 mm 760 m/s 4.80 s
  • Accuracy (Fully Aimed): 0.11 °
  • Fire Chance Bonus: 200 %
  • Damage Randomization: ± 15 %
  • Penetration Randomization: ± 15 %
  • Bonus Module Damage: 35 %
  • Spall Threshold: 137 mm
3 105mm M456A2 HEAT HEAT Stock 490 670 mm 1178 m/s 4.80 s
  • Accuracy (Fully Aimed): 0.10 °
  • Fire Chance Bonus: 300 %
  • Damage Randomization: ± 10 %
  • Penetration Randomization: ± 10 %
  • Bonus Module Damage: 25 %
4 7.62mm AP AP Stock 8 18[note 2] mm 855 m/s 5.00 s
  • Accuracy (Fully Aimed): 0.98 °
  • Magazine Type: Clip
  • Partial Reload: Yes
  • Magazine Size: 800
  • Burst Fire Rate: 400 rd/min
  • Damage Randomization: ± 10 %
  • Penetration Randomization: ± 10 %
  • Ricochet Angle: 67.0 °

Upgrades[ | ]

Armor[ | ]

VFM Mk. 5 Stock Armor
XP Cost Credit Cost Hull
Stock Stock 365 mm (vs AP)
480 mm (vs HEAT)
Steel 390 mm (vs AP)
515 mm (vs HEAT)
Steel N/A N/A vs AP
Light tank armor typically protects the vehicle against machineguns and autocannons only.

Weapon[ | ]

# Name XP Cost Credit Cost Aim Time Reload Time More Info
Weapon1 105mm L7 L/52 Rifled Cannon Stock Stock 1.41 s 4.80 s


  • Depression/Elevation: -10.0° / 20.0°
105mm M735 APFSDS
105mm M393A2 HEP
105mm M456A2 HEAT
7.62mm AP

Engine[ | ]

Name XP Cost Credit Cost Max Speed Reverse Speed Forward
Hull Traverse Fire Chance
Detroit Diesel 6M92TA 550 hp Diesel Engine Stock Stock 72 km/h 25 km/h 3.50 s (0 to 32 km/h)
16.35 s (0 to Max Speed)
37.19° 6 %

Parts[ | ]

Name XP Cost Credit Cost Description Notes
Spall Liner
Stock Stock Hit points are increased by 150
L8 Smoke Grenades
Stock Stock Comes with 8 charges in total
Magazine capacity: 2 charges
Takes 3s to recharge
Duration: 10s
Magazine reload time: 25s
Improved Thermal Imager
Stock Stock Ability to spot targets behind foliage improved by 30%
Improved Gun Stabilizer
Stock Stock Accuracy is improved by 10%
Improved Loading Mechanism
Stock Stock Rate of fire is increased by 7%
Improved Stabilizer Drives
Stock Stock Overall accuracy while moving is improved by 40%
Upgraded Fire Control System Sensors
Stock Stock Reduces the accuracy penalties for firing and traversing the hull.
Stock Tracks
Stock Stock Mobility (Light Terrain): 90.1%
Mobility (Heavy Terrain): 76.1%

Abilities[ | ]

# Name XP Cost Stats Activation
Duration Cooldown More
RapidFire Ability Rapid Fire
Rapid Fire
Stock Rate of Fire: +20%
ATGM Noise: 15 m
N/A 20 s 60 s

This ability improves your vehicle's reload speed, allowing it to fire faster for a short period of time. However, for the duration of this ability, the gun also becomes considerably less accurate and ATGMs become far more difficult to aim.

No conditions bound to this ability.


  1. 560 mm at 150m;
    420 mm at 500m
  2. 18 mm at 100m;
    9 mm at 1000m
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