Update 0.29.5666

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Update 0.29.5666
Update Date:
28 August 2019
Update 0.29.5666
Update chronology
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Update 0.29.5642 Update 0.29.5711

List of Update 0.29.5666 Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a number of issues that caused the game client to crash
  • Splash HE damage now counts correctly for the Marksman Contract Mission
  • BMPT Prototype: fixed an issue that caused its unmanned turret to receive full damage instead of the correct reduced one
  • WPB Anders: fixed the appearance of size of this vehicle’s flags
  • Added the assets for five historical camouflages based on player votes (Australian, BAE Urban, Russian Arctic, Swiss Digital and Modern Urban) that are coming soon to Armored Warfare

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