Update 0.29.5633

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Update 0.29.5633
Update Date:
7 August 2019
Update 0.29.5633
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List of Update 0.29.5633 Changes[edit | edit source]

Contract Mission Adjustments[edit | edit source]

For the Moscow Contract, we have analyzed the Contract Missions that are currently available and have made the following changes:

  • Removed the All Guns Blazing mission that required players to complete a mission in 4 minutes (it turned out to be too difficult)
  • Added a new mission called Marksman, which requires players to deal 20.000 points of damage in a PvE operation while maintaining 100% efficiency (each and every shot must end with a penetration)

General Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue where some vehicles, not commanded by Ophelia Kitescu, could appear in battle with her shield ability
  • Fixed an issue with the XM1A3 Tier 10 MBT that caused it to appear with a broken track model after a repair in battle
  • BMPT Prototype: Fixed an issue where this vehicle’s icon would not change upon the installation of Reaper or Sapphire skins
  • Leclerc: Improved Autoloader module reload speed bonus reduced from 20% to 10%
  • Leclerc T4: Improved Autoloader module reload speed bonus reduced from 20% to 10%
  • Leclerc T4: Active ability Defense rate of fire bonus reduced from 15% to 10%
  • Leclerc T4: 140mm HESH round replaced by a HE round
  • Leclerc T4: 140mm APFSDS round muzzle velocity increased from 1500m/s to 1800m/s
  • Players who completed the Moscow Calling Special Operation 2 on Extreme difficulty (Tier 9-10) before its July 3 nerf will receive a special achievement called Mad Moscow Resident
  • Moscow Calling Special Operation 3: fixed the time required to destroy each enemy convoy – for the first convoy it was increased by 8 second, for the second one it was reduced by 10 seconds and for the third one it was increased by 20 seconds
  • Moscow Calling Special Operation 4: both missile turret packs of ammunition can now be delivered simultaneously
  • Moscow Calling Special Operation 4: fixed an issue where some flying drones would disappear before reaching the flying warship
  • Fixed an issue where Diamond and Battle Coin boosters would not appear in the pop-up list of purchased items after buying a bundle containing them
  • Fixed an issue where some Special Operations could appear with an incorrect loading screen
  • Added a number of Purple Heart Day assets, including three historical Canadian camouflages
  • Fixed a number of small UI issues

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