Update 0.28.5337

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Update 0.28.5337
Update Date:
28 March 2019
Update chronology
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Update 0.28.5322 Update 0.28.5361

List of Update 0.28.5337 Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue where incorrect PvE maps were shown in the HQ window
  • Added the option to disable replay recording altogether to the Gameplay Settings window (including the last battle replay)
  • Improved the Armor Viewer shell penetration calculations to better represent actual combat situations
  • Improved smokescreen visual effect – the smoke grenade explosions now expand correctly away from the firing vehicle
  • Solved the issue of reverse steering inversion – going forward, the vehicle will steer normally, in reverse, the vehicle will steer according to player inversion settings
  • Marder 2 Smash was converted to a skin – all its owners now have access to a skin-less version of the vehicle with the option of mounting the Smash skin in the Customization window
  • Improved the Mysterious Stranger base skill of Alisa Korhonen – before, all her ATGMs had 3 meter splash zone regardless of Tier, which was changed to scale from 3 to 5 meters depending on vehicle Tier
  • Buffed the Ioannis Sanna Napalm II skill – its fire duration bonus was increased from 14 to 28 percent
  • Buffed the Ioannis Sanna Firestarter skills, providing a bonus chance to set your enemies on fire (Firestarter I chance bonus increased from 25 to 28 percent, Firestarter III from 75 to 84 percent)
  • Added the fire chance value to engine module description
  • Fixed an issue where, upon spotting an enemy, the enemy’s health bar did not correspond to his real health value
  • Fixed an issue with the incorrect appearance of a Battalion Ranked Battle daily bonus
  • Fixed an issue where a Global Operations Contract Missions requiring your platoon to die no more than three times would fail if a player died but once
  • Fixed the Arabian Nights Diplomat achievement description – to obtain it, you have to capture one of the bases of choice (Fedor’s or Magnus’s) but also to protect all your allies
  • Fixed the destroyed vehicle model of Object 430

Introduced some minor optimizations for 32-bit systems

  • Fixed an issue that caused black textures on Intel HD 4000 (or lower) integrated graphic chips

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