Update 0.26.4938

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Update 0.26.4938
Update Date:
18 October 2018
Update 0.26.4938
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List of Update 0.26.4938 Changes[edit | edit source]

This update brings a number of mechanics changes required by us to launch the Global Server.

In this update, we are providing a compensation of 1125 Gold to the players who purchased the Battle Hardened status for the ZBL-08 vehicle before its Tier reduction from the last update. Additionally, its module price was adjusted to match its new Tier. Finally, we removed the fourth Reputation bundle from the unlock menu to reflect the vehicle’s new Tier.

Important Changes and Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue that caused a number of the infamous “ghost shells” (shells that would disappear in mid-flight)
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause a client crash on the battle loading screen
  • Fixed several issues that could cause a client crash in battle
  • We changed the way the Improved Cooling System and Exhaust System Thermal Shield modules work – instead of a percentage increase of the vehicle’s camouflage factor, they will now provide a flat bonus, making both of them more useful
  • PvE Mission Raiding Party was fixed and returned to the map rotation on Challenging and Hardcore difficulties
  • Fixed an issue that caused the smoke barriers deployed by the enemy team to sometimes not appear correctly
  • The vehicles you spotted are now marked by an eye icon
  • Switching shell types will no longer reset the aiming circle
  • Fixed the issue that allowed some vehicles to install incorrect modules
  • Fixed an issue where players could spawn in battle unable to move or do anything
  • Fixed several issues that caused memory leaks
  • Added a number of assets related to the upcoming events
  • Added a new mechanism that determines the optimal graphics settings for your PC
  • Improved the stability of the 32bit client

Challenger 1 Falcon Overhaul[edit | edit source]

We’ve changed the properties of the Challenger 1 Falcon Premium Main Battle Tank as such:

  • The vehicle now has an 8-round clip with the 4 second time between shots 24 second clip reload time
  • Shell penetration increased to 725mm
  • Shell damage decreased to 518

Other Changes and Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Merkava Mk.4M – reduced the number of APS charges to 8
  • Type 99A2-140 – increased the shell damage to 900 while increasing the reload time to 12 seconds and improving the gun accuracy on the move
  • Type 99A, Type 99A2 – improved the protection from HE shells by increasing the hull top thickness
  • VBL Hi Tech – the autocannon was buffed the same way as on the progression Tier 5 VBL
  • Centauro 120 Wolf – the AP shell price not matches that of the progression Centauro 120
  • The Merkava series – the chance for the engine to catch fire was reduced by half
  • Fixed an issue where the players could get out of the intended map boundaries on the Cold Strike map
  • Fixed an issue where the IT-1 reloading would not work correctly if a damaged module that affected reload time was repaired in battle
  • Fixed the M1A1 APS module designation
  • Fixed an issue where the AC-130 was not firing its guns on Tier 5 or lower on the third map of the Black Sea Incursion arc
  • Fixed the lighting of the Red Opossum PvE mission so that the objects in shadows no longer appear so dark
  • Fixed an issue where the players would sometimes run into an invisible wall after destroying the enemy stronghold gate on the fourth map of the Black Sea Incursion arc
  • Fixed an issue where the AI opponents intended to block the entry to the citadel in the final stages of the fourth map would follow the players to the top of the citadel instead
  • Added extra time to complete the task following the “Find Sebastian” one on the fourth map of the Black Sea Incursion arc
  • Fixed the issue that caused the vehicle shadows to appear incorrectly in the simplified Garage on PCs with AMD GPUs
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect Base Skill bonus description would appear for Rachel Kramer
  • Fixed an issue where the reload indicator would sometimes turn red permanently upon respawn
  • The Armor Inspector now also shows the vehicles that are at that moment in battle
  • Fixed several smaller UI issues

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