Update 0.24.4525
Update Date:
12 April 2018
Update chronology
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Update 0.24.4466 Update 0.24.4525.2

List of Update 0.24.4525 Changes

Major Changes

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the game to crash in the middle of a battle
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the turret and gun to become stuck in Global Operations upon respawn or in PvE upon resurrecting using a consumable
  • Fixed the issue that caused several daily challenges to not count if a player died in battle
  • Fixed an issue where the Day/Night Sights upgrade did not work properly in battle (the view range was not correctly increased as advertised)

Vehicle Changes

  • Fixed the armor materiel on Chieftain 900 frontal turret
  • Fixed the 30mm HE shell rate of fire for the BMD-4 (differed from the AP shell rate of fire)
  • Fixed the incorrect reload time when switching shell type
  • Fixed the Marder 2 visual firing effect
  • Fixed the visual models (smaller issues such as black textures or missing shadows) on the following vehicles: Type 85-IIM, VT-5, Wiesel HOT, Wiesel HOT Wolf, T-80U, T-80U Shark, T-14 Armata, Armata 152, Expeditionary Tank, Expeditionary Tank Reaper, LAV-600, Challenger 2, Challenger 2 ATDU, Challenger 1 Falcon, BMP-2, BMP-3, BMP-3M, Sprut-SD, Rooikat 76, M8 Buford, NM142, EE-18 Sucuri II

Minor Changes

  • Fixed the visual screen effects upon your death
  • Fixed the visual model of buildings on the Cold Strike and Rolling Thunder Maps
  • Fixed the HE shell battle text feedback
  • Fixed the Special Operations achievement counter
  • Fixed the broken ASCOD turret module tooltip window
  • Fixed the issue where the crash report module occasionally crashed (“Yo dawg...”)
  • Fixed the Veteran Sniper daily challenge that would not count if the player accuracy was exactly 75 percent
  • Fixed the Challenger 1 battle panel icon
  • Fixed the incorrect progress bar function (around the lock icon) for Oscar Faraday
  • Fixed the Battle-Hardened status UI – the bonus is now displayed correctly
  • Fixed a number of smaller UI issues
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