Update 0.23.4423

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Update 0.23.4423
Update Date:
22 February 2018
Update chronology
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Update 0.23.4398 Update 0.24 Carribean Crisis Part II

List of Update 0.23.4423 Changes[edit | edit source]

We are reducing several Reputation rewards in the Global Operations mode due to the excessive Reputation income when compared to the PvP mode:

  • Destroying an enemy vehicle now rewards you with 60 points instead of 90
  • Damaging the enemy now rewards you with 0.04 points per damage instead of 0.08


  • Fixed a bug that made Loot Crates impossible to open in the Battle Results window
  • Fixed a bug that caused Rank 18 players in Ranked Battles to lose stars
  • Fixed a bug that prevented tree shadows from moving even when the tree fell down

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