Update 0.23.4374

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Update 0.23.4374
Update Date:
29 January 2018
Update chronology
Previous Update Next Update
Update 0.23.4343 Update 0.23.4374.1

List of Update 0.23.4374 Changes[edit | edit source]

Ranked Battles[edit | edit source]

With the launch of this update, we are introducing the new Rank Battle mode. You can read more about it in our preview.

More information will be disclosed in a separate article.

New Vehicles[edit | edit source]

We are introducing the following vehicles:

AI ATGM Changes[edit | edit source]

ATGM rate of fire for all AI opponents reduced by 20 percent (with the exception of T-15 that gets a reduction of 60%)

Changes to Special Medals[edit | edit source]

We’ve made adjustments to some of the Special Medals currently available in the game to bring them more in line with the level of difficulty they were designed for. As such:

  • Steel Sword will now require 7 to 9 kills (up from 5 to 8)
  • Bronze Sword will now require 10 to 13 kills (up from 9 to 13)
  • Iron Hawk will now require 10 spotted vehicles (up from 9)
  • Iron Dragon will now require a player to deal at least 33 percent the total hitpoints of all enemies (down from 50 percent)

Important Changes and Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a number of game crashes, including the one happening when players attempted to change visual camouflage or when switching the tanks on the carousel
  • Fixed the bugged (too low) PELE round damage for Wilk XC8
  • Fixed the bugged kinetic shells on Type 80-II, ERC 90 and T-80 (their penetration of sloped surfaces was worse than that of other comparable rounds)
  • Fixed the AI opponent ATGM behavior (AI opponents with multiple weapon systems will no longer only fire ATGMs)
  • Fixed the black textures that appeared on multiple maps
  • Fixed the missing platoon icons in battle and on the loading screen
  • Reduced the amount of Reputation required for unlocking Tier 1 vehicle upgrades by 25%
  • Reduced the amount of Reputation required to unlock Tier 2 vehicles to 1200 and Tier 3 vehicles to 6000
  • Fixed a bug that caused the FV721 Fox and Fox Shark to not load ATGMs properly
  • Fixed the bugged Type 79 armor

Vehicle Changes[edit | edit source]

  • OT-64A Cobra now has the AFV “Designate Target” active ability
  • Fixed multiple issues in the M1128 Stryker armor model
  • Fixed the Chieftain 900 ammo rack model (previously, the bustle ammo rack was unintentionally missing from the vehicle)
  • Fixed the T-64AV Hunter ammo rack model (a small ammo rack on the left side behind the frontal armor was missing)
  • Fixed the bug that caused WWO Wilk cage armor to not work at all
  • Fixed a bug with the spaced armor of the M8 Buford, causing it to behave incorrectly
  • Fixed the incorrect upgraded side armor of the M8 Thunderbolt II
  • Fixed the bug where the M1A2 SEP V3 Abrams gun breech and loader crewmember modules were missing (making them impossible to knock out)
  • Fixed the turret ring damage model on WWO Wilk
  • Fixed the missing fuel tank module on Challenger 2 after installing the upgraded armor kit
  • Fixed the BMPT-72 autoloader module collision model, causing the autoloader to become damaged even when it shouldn’t have
  • Fixed the incorrect mantlet thickness for Type 85-IIM (the canvas on top of the gun provided protection equivalent to 250mm of armor)

Other Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed the Spec Ops “Caribbean Crisis” camouflage on the following vehicles: Expeditionary Tank, Dragoon 300, FV433 Abbot, FV433 Abbot VE, LAV-150, Т-72B, Taifun II, Type 62, XM800T
  • Fixed a bug where, in the third mission of the first Special Operation, players could sometimes see black artifacts on water
  • Fixed the incorrect PvE Ricochet mission textures and objects appearing on the map
  • Fixed the tutorial access to player’s Dossier
  • Fixed the appearance of Spec Ops achievement icons in Dossier
  • Fixed the incorrect behavior of AI opponents (some of them were “shaking” from left to right while standing on solid ground)
  • Fixed the Roughneck (GLOPS) music score that ended prematurely
  • Fixed the incorrect Wiesel HOT Wolf smoke grenade launcher textures
  • Fixed the smoke and fire effects on ZBL-08
  • Fixed the Dragoon 300 90 headlamps texture
  • Fixed the T92 and T92 ACAV track model
  • Fixed the incorrect FV721 Fox smoke effect
  • Fixed the bugged M108 breech internal module (it wasn’t rotating with the turret)
  • Fixed the bugged visual model for Centauro 120 and Centauro 120 Wolf gun sights
  • Fixed the bugged Black Eagle track model
  • Fixed the bugged BMD-2 and T-80U ammo rack explosion effect, causing the explosion to appear on an incorrect place
  • Fixed the bugged WWO Wilk and BMPT Prototype visual model (camouflage not appearing where it should)
  • Fixed the Chieftain Mk.6 incorrect textures of the backpacks and boxes carried on the turret
  • Fixed the bugged Ramka-99 hull grenade launcher textures
  • Fixed the M48A3 tracks that started to appear completely black on the destroyed vehicle model
  • Fixed the position of commander and gunner sights on the Sabre AFV
  • Fixed the bugged track texture of the Chieftain Mk.2 and the Chieftain Mk.10
  • Fixed the bug where the destroyed model of the Scorpion 90 could be shot through
  • Fixed the bugged track model on the T92 and the T92 ACAV
  • Fixed the missing gun fire flame visual effect on the AMX 10 RCR Bastille Day
  • Fixed the bugged shovel models on many vehicles – the tools (shovels, pickaxes) had incorrect black textures
  • Fixed the broken gun model on the Chieftain Mk.10 destroyed model (the gun was levitating)
  • Fixed the M60A3 ICE physical model (a part of it was missing, making the vehicle impossible to damage when firing at certain spots)
  • Fixed the T-72A roadwheel and drive sprocket textures
  • Fixed the Leopard 2A4 Evolution destroyed vehicle visual model
  • Fixed the visual model holes in the Object 640 turret
  • Fixed the M551 Sheridan incorrect dark textures and icon
  • Fixed the Merkava IID destroyed vehicle model (multiple smaller issues)
  • Fixed the Leopard 2AV China model on lowest details
  • Removed the excessive mud from VBR wheels in the garage
  • Fixed the bug where rotating a camera in first person view on the Swingfire produces a turret rotating sound even though the vehicle has no turret
  • Fixed the BMP-1 missile texture
  • Fixed the incorrect M456A1 HEAT shell icon
  • Fixed the appearance of vehicle models on minimum graphics settings
  • Fixed the appearance of fog when using simplified render
  • Fixed the transition button from Retrofits to Upgrades screens
  • Fixed the Reputation and Global Reputation tooltip to show correct values
  • Fixed the giant rank icon sometimes appearing in the Barracks window
  • Fixed the initial Caribbean Crisis game loading screen not appearing properly
  • Fixed several smaller Garage UI issues like font sizes, layers etc.
  • Added the correct Wildcard voiceovers to all Global Operations maps
  • Fixed the bug where wildcard bombers were bombing a slightly different place than indicated on the minimap
  • Fixed the Type 99A and Type 99A2 gun textures
  • Fixed the T-14 Armata visual gun model
  • Fixed a special sound effect when switching on the night vision mode (on the maps that support it)
  • Fixed the T-62M headlight texture
  • Fixed the Kampfpanzer 70 smoke effect
  • Fixed the bug where M1A1 optics become black after applying any camouflage
  • Ingame premium version of the ZBD-86 no longer appears with level 5 crew upon purchase (this was an unintentional bug)

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