Update 0.22.4299

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Update 0.22.4299
Update Date:
21 December 2017
Update 0.22.4299
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Lists of Update 0.22.4299 changes[edit | edit source]

Assault Mode[edit | edit source]

We are introducing a third mode to complement the existing encounter and standard PvP battles called Assault. In this mode, one side has a base it has to defend, the other has to capture base within a certain time limit.

  • The battle ends successfully for the attackers if they capture the enemy base or kill all enemies
  • The battle ends successfully for the defenders if they kill all enemies or the battle time runs out
  • This mode will be initially available on the Pipelines and Cold Strike maps.

New Premium Vehicles[edit | edit source]

We are introducing the following new Premium vehicles:

  • WWO Wilk Tier 8 Tank Destroyer (read more)
  • T-72M2 Wilk Tier 6 Main Battle Tank (read more)

Important Changes and Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a number of commander skills to work as per their descriptions
  • Fixed a number of commander skill descriptions
  • Corrected a number of issues that led to client crashes
  • Fixed the Global Operations lags and stuttering
  • Fixed the bug where event bonuses and discounts (including conversion and customization options) were not appearing in the garage correctly
  • Fixed the bug that caused decals and camouflages to disappear from the customization window
  • Fixed the bug that caused the engine sound to disappear on Medium sound settings or lower
  • Fixed the missing Waterway bases in the PvP mode that forced players to conclude the match only by killing all the enemies
  • We've rebalanced the Light Tank acceleration - they will now accelerate faster at speeds above 32 km/h to give them more of an advantage

Vehicle Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Increased the Marder 2 viewrange to 430 meters
  • Improved the accuracy of Marder 2 when firing in bursts
  • Fixed the bug that caused Sabra Mk.2 to levitate a few centimeters above ground
  • Fixed the bug that caused Vickers Mk.7 commander’s hatch to have too thick armor
  • Fixed the black textures appearing on the BMD-2M model when applying any camouflage
  • Fixed the inverted “Vanquisher” inscription on the Vickers Mk.7 model on low settings
  • Fixed the incorrect BMPT series color
  • Fixed the small black textures appearing on all T-72B3 models
  • Fixed the incorrect texture on BMPT series mudguards
  • Fixed the poor-looking T-64 series models on lowest details
  • Type 96A now correctly displays as the predecessor tank of Type 99
  • Fixed the visual ERA model of BMP-3M Dragun
  • Fixed the missing smoke grenades on the T-72A model (when installing the ERA kit)
  • Fixed the incorrect right track animation of T-80B
  • Fixed the bug where the Expeditionary Tank received full damage to its unmanned turret instead of a reduced one

Issues and Corrections[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed the base capture indicator to show when an ally is present, preventing the enemy from capturing it
  • Fixed the bug that caused some Global Operations objectives on the Waterway map to remove more team points when captured than others
  • Fixed the bugged Challenges description window displaying temporary texts and the PvP/PvE button positioning in the window
  • Fixed the bug that prevented players from seeing other players’ dossiers
  • Fixed the bugged base capture indicator
  • Fixed the incorrectly appearing achievement medals
  • Fixed the bug that caused the vehicle comparison window to hide behind the top garage bar
  • Fixed the bugged T-80U tank in the Tutorial mode
  • Fixed the Wilk XC8 PELE round tooltip
  • Fixed the bug that prevented players from opening the menu by right clicking on player names on post-match results screen

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