Update 0.21.4103

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Update 0.21.4103
Update Date:
5 October 2017
Update chronology
Previous Update Next Update
Update 0.21.4079 Update 0.21.4171

Lists of Update 0.21.4103 changes[edit | edit source]

  • AMX-10P PAC 90 (and its Merc version) now cannot use the Designate Target AFV ability
  • The following vehicles that couldn't use this ability before now can: FV510 Warrior MILAN, M2A3 Bradley, VBL Ingwe
  • Fixed the missing expenses in the detailed battle results tab
  • Fixed several issues causing the client to become unstable

Furthermore, this update re-enables the one-time account reset, introduced in Update 0.19, for those players who did not activate it yet.

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