Update 0.17.2665

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Update 0.17.2665
Update Date:
4 October 2016
Update chronology
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Update 0.17.2613.2 Update 0.18.2770

List of Hotfix 0.17.2665 Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed the "No Effect" issue where ATGMs, HEAT and AP rounds had a chance to pass through enemy vehicles while producing a "No Effect" resolution. Please note that "No Effect" is still a valid resolution in cases where a player shoots an inert section of a vehicle
  • Fixed an issue where Commander Freja Hojbjerg's bonuses did not fit the unlock commander tool-tip under the BMD-1's upgrade tree
  • Fixed an issue where a player who deserted a match before dying did not have his match stats properly updated in the dossier, creating an exploit where players could greatly inflate their win-rates by deserting a battle in-progress

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