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Type 62

The Type 62 was a Tier 1 progression Main Battle Tank under Zhang Feng's dealership.

In the initial proposed Chinese tank line for Balance 2.0, the Tier 3 Type 59 was to be downtiered to Tier 1 as Zhang Feng's starter vehicle. This was later changed when the developers at the time decided to switch the Type 59 out for a Type 62 Light Tank while retaining the same model.[1][2] Hence the Type 62 was introduced to the game as a Tier 1 Light Tank on April 20, 2017.[3]

The Type 62 became a Main Battle Tank in an undocumented change for Tier 1 to 6 rebalance dated October 6, 2021. The developers later explained in a post that they "needed one more MBT on Tier 1", and the Type 62 was chosen for such change.[4] Eventually, the Type 62 was renamed back to Type 59 together with some performance adjustments on January 20, 2022.[5]