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Chapter 3: Tkvarcheli Trap
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Tkvarcheli Trap is the third chapter of the Battalion exclusive Heroic difficulty Black Sea Incursion Special Operations in Armored Warfare.


"November 6 2041"

"The assault on Tkvarcehli turned out to be a trap: Magnus was accused of violating a peace deal. ISD troops surrounded the city."

Primary Objectives[]

Defend the Town[]

The initial objective is to defend the control point at G7 for 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

Defend the Western Roadblock[]

Defend the control point at I5 for 4 minutes. This occurs at the same time with "Defend the Northern Roadblock" objective.

Defend the Northern Roadblock[]

Defend the control point at C9 for 4 minutes. This occurs at the same time with "Defend the Western Roadblock" objective.

Defend the Central Roadblock[]

Defend the control point at E5 for 3 minutes.

Shoot Douglas Down[]

Shoot down the AC-130. This objective appears appears after 1 minute and 35 seconds have elapsed during both "Defend the Western Roadblock" and "Defend the Northern Roadblock" primary objective (i.e. when objective's timer is at 2 minutes and 25 seconds). Completing this objective will conclude the mission.


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Tkvarcheli Trap has a x3.3 Experience.png Experience multiplier and base x10 Credits .png Credits multiplier for completing the mission. This mission gives a base Experience worth 8,446 points to all players who complete the mission.