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Tkvarcheli Trap is the third chapter of the Black Sea Incursion Special Operations in Armored Warfare.

Briefing[ | ]

"November 6 2041"

"The assault on Tkvarcehli turned out to be a trap: Magnus was accused of violating a peace deal. ISD troops surrounded the city."

Primary Objectives[ | ]

Defend the Town[ | ]

The initial objective is to defend the control point at G7 for 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

Defend the Western Roadblock[ | ]

Defend the control point at I5 for 4 minutes.

Defend the Northern Roadblock[ | ]

Defend the control point at C9 for 4 minutes.

Defend the Central Roadblock[ | ]

Defend the control point at E5 for 3 minutes.

Shoot Douglas Down[ | ]

Shoot down the AC-130. This objective appears midway through "Defend the Western Roadblock" or "Defend the Northern Roadblock" primary objective, whichever shows up first. Completing this objective will conclude the mission.

Secondary Objectives[ | ]

Defend the Radar[ | ]

There are two radars to defend: one at H5 during "Defend the Western Roadblock", and another at D8 during "Defend the Northern Roadblock".

Capture the SAM[ | ]

There are three SAM launchers to capture: one at G5 during "Defend the Western Roadblock", one at C7 during "Defend the Northern Roadblock", and one at E5 during "Defend the Central Roadblock".

The first two SAM launchers at C7 and G5 initially have a time limit of 40 seconds as the AC-130 passes by the area. The third SAM launcher does not have a time limit. Should the players fail to capture the first two SAM launchers in time, they will become available for capture again together with the third one at E5 for the remainder of the mission.

Strategy[ | ]

Rewards[ | ]

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