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Terminology is a collection of phrases, words, and abbreviations used in Armored Warfare, which can be used as shorthand methods of describing certain objects or concepts within the game.

Terminology[edit | edit source]

  • Alpha - Damage done by a single shot from a weapon system.
  • Arty - Referring to the Self-Propelled Gun class of vehicles in Armored Warfare.
  • Bloom - The expansion of the aiming circle while moving or turning the turret, or after shooting.
  • DPM - Damage Per Minute, referring to the amount of damage a vehicle can theoretically do within a minute with its main weapon.
  • DU - Depleted Uranium, a type of Armor Piercing round which has higher penetration due to its mass.
  • Maximum Deviation - The maximum amount a shell can deviate away from the center of the aiming circle.
  • Normalization - When an AP shell strikes armor, the tip of the shell digs into the armor, making the angle shallower and reducing the chance of a ricochet or bounce.
  • SPAAG - Self Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun, a subclass of Armored Fighting Vehicles that includes vehicles such as the B1 Draco that were originally designed to defeat enemy aircraft.
  • Traverse - The speed (in degrees per second) that either the hull or the turret can turn in a certain direction.
  • UI - User Interface, the on-screen interface/heads up display which shows you different information as part of the overall game.