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PVE operations info Note that Operation availabily need to be revised as these are old info, the the table can be published.

Mission Name Base Map Tiers 1-3
Tiers 4-6
Tiers 4-6
Tiers 7-10
Year/Month/Day Contractor Enemy
Albatross Ghost Field 2038/02/14 Hana Buric Les Affreux
Anvil Custom 2036/08/23 Raha Ali PLM
Banshee Custom 2035/08/03 Fedor Volkov Lions of Nequiel
Basilisk Reactor 2037/07/11 Hana Buric Lex Affreux
Cavalry Pipelines 2036/05/22 Petre Sabri Lions of Nequiel
Cerberus Custom 2037/06/17 Fedor Volkov Cartel
Desert Fox Desert Crossing 2038/08/11 Fedor Volkov Cartel
Desert Path Desert Crossing 2038/04/29 Fedor Volkov PLM
Desert Saber Desert Crossing 2036/09/05 Fedor Volkov Lions of Nequiel
Desert Strike Desert Crossing 2039/06/11 Fedor Volkov NPAA
Desert Viper Desert Crossing 2035/09/22 Fedor Volkov NPAA
Dire Wolf Cold Strike 2040/01/03 Petre Sabri NPAA
Erebos Lost Island 2038/04/19 Petre Sabri Cartel
Frostbite Roughneck 2038/12/08 Petre Sabri Elite LLC
Ghost Hunter River Point 2035/06/14 Fedor Volkov NPAA
Harbinger River Point 2034/08/12 Hana Buric Lions of Nequiel
Hydra Narrows 2034/09/15 Raha Ali Cartel
Kodiak Port Storm 2039/05/02 Hana Buric PLM
Leviathan Lost Island 2040/09/10 Raha Ali Les Affreux
Life Jacket Custom 2037/08/20 Raha Ali Lions of Nequiel
Meltdown Reactor 2036/06/02 Fedor Volkov PLM
Onyx Custom 2034/10/18 Raha Ali Cartel
Perseus Narrows 2039/09/05 Hana Buric NPAA
Phalanx Roughneck 2035/12/04 Hana Buric Lions of Nequiel
Prometheus Lost Island 2035/04/27 Fedor Volkov Lions of Nequiel
Quarterback Pipelines 2038/05/18 Raha Ali PLM
Raiding Party Highwall 2040/07/08 Hana Buric Lang Qun
Red Opossum Custom 2039/08/01 Petre Sabri Lions of Nequiel
Ricochet Port Storm 2038/06/20 Petre Sabri Cartel
Rolling Thunder Cold Strike 2034/06/07 Fedor Volkov PLM
Sapphire Narrows 2036/04/19 Hana Buric NPAA
Scorpio Cold Strike 2035/01/16 Pere Sabri Cartel
Snake Bite Ghost Field 2037/05/11 Fedor Volkov PLM
Spearhead Roughneck 2037/03/10 Hana Buric PLM
Starry Night River Point 2039/06/28 Fedor Volkov Lions of Nequiel
Stormy Winter Roughneck 2034/11/07 Hana Buric NPAA
Tsunami Port Storm 2035/08/27 Petre Sabri Cartel
Umbrella Ghost Field 2036/07/01 Fedor Volkov NPAA
Watchdog Coastal Threat 2036/07/23 Hana Buric Les Affreux
Wild Fire Narrows 2035/05/30 Raha Ali Cartel
Zero Hour Reactor 2034/07/31 Petre Sabri PLM