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The T-14 152 Armata is a Tier 10 special premium Main Battle Tank under Marat Shishkin's dealership.


Class: Main Battle Tank (Prototype)
Developed: 2010s (ongoing)
Service: N/A
Vehicles Built: cca 20
Operators: Russia

The T-14 Armata is the newest addition to the long line of Russian Main Battle Tanks, bearing the name of the Armata universal platform that it's based upon. The platform itself was developed in the early 2010s using the tank-building experience carefully gained by Uralvagonzavod over the decades since the Second World War. It boasts a number of significant technological upgrades, not the least of which being an unmanned turret fitted with an automatically loaded long 125mm smoothbore cannon firing next-gen ammunition, unique ERA set and an armored crew compartment. It was first seen during the 2015 Moscow Victory Day Parade, and the army started testing this vehicle since September, 2016.

The Armata caused quite a stir with its appearance, being the first truly original armored platform in decades and the first one not having its roots in one of the Soviet era MBTs. In 2015, Russia announced there would be thousands of Armatas in service by 2020, which sparked a development frenzy both in the west and in China, as all potential opponents sought the means to defeat this upcoming super-tank.

Unfortunately, the Armata program was plagued by serious issues, ranging from the need to import a number of Armata's essential components to the lack of a production-ready engine (the producer of the Chayka engine that was intended for this platform effectively went bankrupt). The worst problem, however, was the lack of a proper assembly line. By early 2020, all existing Armata prototypes were more or less hand-crafted with the construction facilities, by far the most expensive part of tank development, hopelessly behind schedule. The first Armatas are currently scheduled to enter real service in 2021, although this deadline is likely to see even more extensions.

The Armata 152 is a version of the T-14 Armata, armed with larger 152mm cannon. One of the upgrades considered for the T-14 Armata was the increase of its caliber to 152mm, which is why the vehicle has a larger turret than it actually needs for its 125mm gun. The 2A83 smoothbore is a behemoth of a cannon, designed in the last days of the Soviet empire for the next generation of super-tanks. It's massive, heavy and quite costly to produce, but, most importantly, it was never truly needed to deal with the Western MBTs since the standard 125mm guns were (and still are) up to the task. That is why it never found its way on any Russian MBTs.

Vehicle Traits[]

  • Armored: This vehicle's armor can withstand a lot of punishment, allowing it to survive even serious firefights.
  • Heavy Weapon: This vehicle carries one of the largest weapons around with significantly increased damage per shot.
  • Modern APS: This vehicle's advanced Active Protection System can destroy not only incoming ATGMs, but also other types of shells.
  • Unmanned Turret: This vehicle features a remotely-controlled or low-profile turret that receives reduced damage.
  • Trained Crew: This vehicle comes with a fully trained Level 5 crew.


# Ammo
XP Cost Damage Penetration Velocity Reload
1 152mm Grifel-1 APFSDS APFSDS Stock 1050 850[note 1] mm 1800 m/s 11.40 s
  • Accuracy (Fully Aimed): 0.15 °
  • Damage Randomization: ± 5 %
  • Penetration Randomization: ± 5 %
  • Ricochet Angle: 67.0 °
2 152mm Grifel-3 HE HE Stock 1575[note 2] 60 mm 850 m/s 11.40 s
  • Accuracy (Fully Aimed): 0.18 °
  • Fire Chance Bonus: 100 %
  • Penetration Randomization: ± 10 %
  • Splash Radius: 1.50 m
  • Splash Penetration: 150 mm
3 7.62mm AP AP Stock 8 18[note 3] mm 855 m/s 5.00 s
  • Accuracy (Fully Aimed): 0.15 °
  • Magazine Type: Clip
  • Partial Reload: Yes
  • Magazine Size: 800
  • Burst Fire Rate: 400 rd/min
  • Damage Randomization: ± 10 %
  • Penetration Randomization: ± 10 %
  • Ricochet Angle: 67.0 °



T-14 Stock Armor with Malakhit ERA
XP Cost Credit Cost Hull
Stock Stock 1000 mm (vs AP)
1715 mm (vs HEAT)
Composite 1070 mm (vs AP)
1905 mm (vs HEAT)
Composite ERA (Gen 4) 90% (vs AP)
90% (vs HEAT)
The Armata platform is protected by composite armor. Generation 4 ERA and an unmanned turret. Composite armor consists of combined layers of steel and other material and offers excellent protection against HEAT and ATGMs. The unmanned turret takes reduced damage. The fourth generation ERA offers nearly total protection against all HEAT rounds or warheads, and excellent protection against kinetic rounds.


# Name XP Cost Credit Cost Aim Time Reload Time More Info
Weapon1 152mm 2A83 Smoothbore Cannon Stock Stock 2.72 s 11.40 s


  • Depression/Elevation: -7.0° / 14.0°
152mm Grifel-1 APFSDS
152mm Grifel-3 HE
7.62mm AP


Name XP Cost Credit Cost Max Speed Reverse Speed Forward
Hull Traverse Fire Chance
ChTZ A-85-3A 1500 hp Diesel Engine Stock Stock 75 km/h 32 km/h 4.96 s (0 to 32 km/h)
28.14 s (0 to Max Speed)
29.85° 4 %


Name XP Cost Credit Cost Description Notes
Armored Crew Compartment
Stock Stock Damage to crew reduced by 50%.
Spall Liner
Stock Stock Hit points are increased by 150
Afghanit Hard Kill APS
Stock Stock Automatic Hard Kill APS
Target Acquisition Range: 500m
Charges: 10
Cooldown: 60s
Angle of Effect: 360°

Automatic Soft Kill APS
Target Acquisition Range: 300m
Effective Range: 300m
Multiplier to ATGM's Standard Noise: x 11
Additional ATGM Noise Penalty: 4.0
Penalty to ATGM Agility: x0.65
Angle of Effect: 360°
Experimental Smoke Grenades
Stock Stock Comes with 8 charges
Takes 25s to recharge
Duration: 10s
Improved Gun Stabilizer
Stock Stock Overall accuracy while moving is improved by 20%
Improved Autoloader
Stock Stock Rate of fire is increased by 7%
Improved Gunner Optics
Stock Stock Accuracy is improved by 10%
Upgraded Fire Control System Sensors
Stock Stock Reduces the accuracy penalties for firing and traversing the hull.
Improved Suspension
Stock Stock Movement speed on off-road surfaces is increased by 20%
Improved Cooling System
Stock Stock Camouflage factor increased by 2%
Enemy Thermal Sights effectiveness reduced by 30%
Stock Tracks
Stock Stock Mobility (Light Terrain): 89.4%
Mobility (Heavy Terrain): 75.2%


# Name XP Cost Stats Activation
Duration Cooldown More
RapidFire Ability Rapid Fire.png
Rapid Fire
Stock Rate of Fire: +20%
ATGM Noise: 15 m
N/A 20 s 60 s

This ability improves your vehicle's reload speed, allowing it to fire faster for a short period of time. However, for the duration of this ability, the gun also becomes considerably less accurate and ATGMs become far more difficult to aim.

No conditions bound to this ability.
Override Ability Override.png
Stock Acceleration: +200%
Max Speed: +5%
Handling: +100%
N/A 8 s 53 s

Temporarily improves your vehicle's acceleration and maximum speed. This ability also makes you lose less speed during sharp turns.

No conditions bound to this ability.
TopSpeed Ability Override.png
Top Speed
Stock Acceleration: +200%
Max Speed: +5%
Hull Traverse Rate: +50%
Camo Penalty from Motion: +50%
N/A 20 s 60 s

Temporarily improves your vehicle's acceleration, maximum speed and hull traverse values at the cost of increased camouflage penalty for movement. In other words, activating this ability makes your vehicle easier to spot when moving.

No conditions bound to this ability.
SuperAPS Ability Supercharge Hard Kill.png
Supercharge Hard-Kill APS
Stock Cooldown between interception: 0.5 s
Intercepts Gun Shells of Caliber Over: 100 mm
Extra Charges: 15
N/A 10 s 120 s

Once activated, the APS starts intercepting all incoming projectiles (save for autocannon ones) with increased frequency, consuming APS charges in the process.

No conditions bound to this ability.


  1. 850 mm at 150m;
    638 mm at 500m
  2. 442 for Partial Penetration;
    111 for Non-Penetrating Hits
  3. 18 mm at 100m;
    9 mm at 1000m