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Operation: Starry Night is a PvE mission in Armored Warfare.

Briefing[ | ]

"June 28, 2039. Lions of Nequiel are trying to capture the town. Stop them before they destroy the town and its livelihood."

Primary Objective[ | ]

Defend the City Center[ | ]

Players are first tasked to defend the control point located between H5 and H6 for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Defend the Central Farms[ | ]

After successfully defending the first control point, players need to defend the second control point between D5 and D6 for 3 minutes.

Defend the Far Fields[ | ]

The final objective is to defend the control point between B1 and C1 for 3 minutes.

Secondary Objective[ | ]

Destroy Enemy Oil Trucks[ | ]

The bonus objective is to destroy three oil trucks scattered across the map within 5 minutes.

Strategy[ | ]

This mission takes place with night vision enabled: all vehicles have higher camouflage values, and suffer greater camouflage penalty upon firing weapons. Battles are depicted with visual effects similar to that seen from an image intensifier.

The first control point is located inside the town, so Main Battle Tanks should confront the attackers head-on, while soft-skinned vehicles can circle around the town and attack the enemy vehicles from behind at G7.

The next control point is on an open ground, and a lieutenant vehicle often arrives first to spearhead the attack. Main Battle Tanks can destroy the barn at F6 and take hull-down position behind it to spot and attack incoming enemies, but they have to be wary of occasional enemy spawns coming from the southwest.

Enemies attack the final control point from two directions (north and south), so Main Battle Tanks have to be careful not to be flanked when defending from one direction, or they would have to rely on long range supports positioned further down south to help cover their rear.

If no Main Battle Tanks are available to carry out spotting, one can deploy snipers or use a vehicle with very high camouflage factor for reconnaissance. The latter should avoid firing weapons in order to keep the camouflage factor high while staying in relatively close distance with enemy vehicles.

Rewards[ | ]

Starry Night has a x2.9 Experience Experience multiplier and base x8.28 Credits Credits multiplier for completing the mission. The latter can be boosted to x12.41 if secondary objective is complete.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • Starry Night debuted in September 2015,[1] and was overhauled in September 2018.[2]
  • On Russian game client, the mission is called "Звезда", which means "star".