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Special Operations (also known as Spec Ops) is a PvE game mode in Armored Warfare. Unlike standard PvE missions, this mode is presented by series of story-driven missions (called chapters), and new missions are expanded over long periods of time with key updates.[1]

Each series has four chapters, and chapters must be played in orders; the players must have completed chapter one before starting chapter two, and so on. If playing in a platoon, the member with the least progress in chapters should be set as the leader in order to start the missions.

Special Operations are split into two difficulties: Hardcore for tiers 4 to 8, and Extreme for tiers 9 to 10. Each series of Special Operations also come with a set of achievements, with unique rewards including decals, avatars, titles, and camouflage patterns.

The latest series of Special Operations can be accessed under the Co-Op Missions tab in the HQ screen. Past series may be replayed on a rotation basis in a time-limited game mode called War Games, and completing them weekly on both difficulties can reward players with special Spec Ops Crates.

Unlike Standard PvE, the latest Special Operations missions have x4 Experience Experience bonus on first victory which reset every three days at midnight UTC±00:00. On the other hand, War Games missions do not offer first victory bonus.

List of Special Operations[ | ]

Caribbean Crisis[ | ]

The story took place in September, 2042. Hired by the International Security Department to investigate an attack on a Clayburn Industries facility in the Mojave Desert, a team of mercenaries under the callsign "Alpha One" encountered an organized group of unknown assailants there. This event would eventually led the mercenaries to track down a man named Magnus Holter and his forces, and who were determined to launch a chemical attack in the Caribbeans.

Chapter Mission
1 Attack
2 Pursuit
3 Threat from the Sea
4 Exfiltration

Black Sea Incursion[ | ]

Alpha One decided to join forces and escape with Magnus after being pursued by Clayburn's kill team. Magnus then retold his story on how he got betrayed by Clayburn and became a war criminal, which took place in Georgia a year prior to his attack in the Mojave Desert.

Chapter Mission
1 Meeting in Batumi
2 Tkvarcheli Siege
3 Tkvarcheli Trap
4 Stronghold

Arabian Nights[ | ]

Five months after the failed attack in the Caribbeans, Magnus rebuilt his forces and launched an attack on the emboldened Clayburn Industries in the Middle East with the help of Alpha One, now known as "Steel Breakers". They faced the Evocati PMC, an old enemy of Magnus now under the service of Clayburn Industries, and there they discovered evidence that could be used to testify against Clayburn's corruption, and convinced Fedor Volkov, the commander of the ISD, to take down its leader, Sebastian Grimm.

Chapter Mission
1 Plant in El Arish
2 Hunt in Basra
3 Latakia Breakthrough
4 Olavsvern Takeover

Moscow Calling[ | ]

Clayburn Industries was defeated, and ISD, now free from Clayburn's influence, held a major summit with numerous world leaders in Moscow to discuss the aftermath. However, a new enemy called Enigma swept in, destroyed the ISD, and took over Europe in one fell swoop. Hana Burić, a former ISD officer, became the leader of a resistance movement. To stand a chance against the Enigma, Hana had one goal in mind: to rescue Magnus Holter from captivity in Moscow.

Chapter Mission
1 Summit
2 Castle
3 Midnight Ambush
4 Freedom

American Dream[ | ]

Some time between Enigma's initial attack in Moscow and Hana's subsequent rescue operation for Magnus, Enigma began supporting various insurgency groups and extremist factions all over the world, including those in the United States of America. Ryan Miller, the leader of a local resistance force, repelled an attack by one such group. Upon further investigation, he and another resistance member, Austin Harper, slowly began to discover the mysterious Engima, as well as the existence of a satellite weapon that was used to destroy central Moscow.

Chapter Mission
1 Unrest
2 Rescue Mission
3 New Enemy
4 Satellite

Spirithaven[ | ]

Hana, under Magnus' advice, launched an attack on a Japanese mountainous region in July, 2044. The goal was to capture a person who would know the location of Enigma's central command. The intel extracted by Austin would allow Magnus to find Engima's leader in Shikotan. However, Magnus decided to sever contact with the resistance mid-mission, and Hana decided to find Magnus and help end Engima's reign in its secretive base.

Chapter Mission
1 Person of Interest
2 Wandering the Mists
3 Disaster
4 At Hell's Gate

Apocalypse & Exodus[ | ]

The volcanic explosion at Enigma's base in Shikotan caused worldwide environmental disaster. Set three years after Engima's fall, Ivo Rinaldi and Igor Kopylov, former leader of People's Liberty Militia and former Russian officer respectively, commandeered an abandoned Enigma warship and began acquiring vital resources around the world for their thriving colony. While the operations were successful, Ivo also managed to draw ire of many enemies he faced along the way.

Chapter Mission
1 Plague
2 War
3 Famine
4 Death
5 Burning Grounds

Black Company[ | ]

The year was 2039, and the Clayburn Seahawks, a task force under Clayburn Industries, went rogue after receiving an order to commit genocide. Their rebellion was ultimately a failure, with their commander Adrian Blackwood turning out to be their employer Andrew Clayburn all along. Joshua Seagrove, Kathryn Grey, and the remnants of Clayburn Seahawks now had to fight their way out of their former master's trap.

Chapter Mission
1 Rate of Decay

Heroic Special Operations[ | ]

The Heroic difficulty is a Battalion exclusive difficulty, and it is only available for Black Sea Incursion Special Operations. This mode requires at least two players in a platoon to start. The player initiating the missions has to be a Battalion member, but all other participating players in a platoon need not to be in the same Battalion, or belong in a Battalion at all.

There are no plans for more Heroic difficulty missions as of February 5, 2021.[2]

Chapter Mission
1 Meeting in Batumi (Heroic)
2 Tkvarcheli Siege (Heroic)
3 Tkvarcheli Trap (Heroic)
4 Stronghold (Heroic)

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