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Special vehicles are a group of vehicles in the game that do not have in-game vehicle dealers associated with them. Such vehicles are usually obtained in the Armored Warfare web shop for real world currency or in-game gold, given out to players for special events, obtained through specific vehicle lootboxes, during special circumstances or special rewards, or were only obtainable in special founder's or collector's editions or packs that were available for purchase for limited periods of time.

Notable Examples[edit | edit source]

  • FV433 Abbot VE; The Abbot VE is a tier 3 SPG split off from the original Abbot SPG due to the vehicle being up-tiered to tier 4 to more easily find matches with other tier 4 SPG vehicles. Players who owned the Abbot before this alteration received the Abbot VE as compensation in addition to keeping the now up-tiered Abbot. The Abbot VE was stated to never be available in any other way and would never be obtainable in the future.
  • T-62 Veteran; This uniquely camouflaged T-62 was given out as a present during a Veteran's Day event to players and can be obtained with codes that are occasionally handed out by streamers. It was the first tank in the game to have a unique permanent camo scheme. It is identical to the progression T-62 in almost every way. It originally came with a level 1 crew, and what really makes it strange compared to other special vehicles is that it is not considered a premium vehicle. It is considered as a progression vehicle but with Battle Hardened status and has the respective bonuses. In patch 0.23 it also was the subject of a bug where selling the vehicle would net the player 96 million credits. The bug was soon corrected and all players who sold the tank during said bug had the 96 million credits removed from their account.
  • Object 155; The beloved Object 155 was a reward to players who played a certain amount of matches in the closed beta of Armored Warfare, and also given later to those who participated in a stress test for the game. Among the players who had it, it was considered one of, if not the best tier 3 premium MBT in the game. The vehicle was removed from the game in Balance 2.0 and players who had it were given another tank as compensation.
  • T-55M1; This MBT is the replacement for the Object 155. When the Object 155 was removed from the game, those who had previously owned it were given this tank as compensation and a replacement. This new tier 4 MBT is quite good and capable, yet many players still lament the loss of their Object 155.
  • Chieftain Mk.6 Leader; This variant of the Chieftain MBT was given out during special events such as Hunt Down My.Com staff, where if you killed a My.Com or Mail.RU staff member in a PVP match, you were credited the tank. The Mk. 6 is identical to its tier 5 progression counterpart in most areas. Initially, the Leader did not have the Stillbrew armor package on the turret and was a very fragile Chieftan tank. Stillbrew armor package was added to the turret of the tank later on to give it a strong turret like its progression sibling. This tank was the first tank in the game to have a physical camo net modeled onto the vehicle.

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