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Self-Propelled Guns, or SPGs in short, are one of the playable vehicle classes in Armored Warfare.

This class is limited to PvE (including Special Operations) and Global Operations modes only.


For a full list of playable Self-Propelled Guns, see Vehicles#Self-Propelled Guns.

By design, Self-Propelled Guns are intended to be a class for long range fire support, damaging enemies from afar from a safe position. They feature high caliber guns and the ability to use indirect fire, but also suffer from poor mobility and protection. Their high explosive shells, while powerful and capable of dealing splash damage via indirect hits, also have low penetration, accuracy, and travel speed.

Instead of going into first person view, Self-Propelled Guns have access to a "bird's eye view" that can be used to target enemies practically anywhere on the map beyond the default third person view (default key "LSHIFT"). Their high explosive shells' ballistic arc also help them to hit enemies beyond where direct fire guns can reach, but they are still incapable of hitting targets directly behind buildings or steep terrain. As a result, Self-Propelled Guns are not ideal in urban environment or maps with a lot of narrow spaces where enemies can easily take cover from artillery fire. While it is possible to use such vehicles as close range support, players should be wary of the vehicles' long aim time and poor defensive capability.

Self-Propelled Guns also have access to support ammunition: white phosphorus shells can deal fixed damage over a short period of time on a small area, reducing all enemy vehicles' camouflage underneath to zero as well as a set chance to cause engine fire to them, whereas smoke shells can deploy a layer of smoke in the target area to cover friendly vehicles or disrupting enemy vehicles' line of sight. These shells also have a very steep ballistic arc, allowing them to hit targets where even normal shells cannot reach.

As of October 2021, all Self-Propelled Guns have 25% base camouflage. They lose 10% camouflage when moving or turning, 20% camouflage when firing their main gun's HE shell, 25% when firing HESH (if available), and 8% when firing support ammunition.

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