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Operation: Scorpio is a PvE mission in Armored Warfare.

Briefing[ | ]

"January 16, 2035. It's time to free the city from the Cartel. You must take over the bridge to prevent enemy reinforcements from entering the city."

Primary Objective[ | ]

Capture the Bridge[ | ]

The main goal of the mission is to capture the control point at J7 under 11 minutes.

Secondary Objective[ | ]

Destroy Black Market Shipments[ | ]

Players have 9 minutes to destroy five stationary targets whose locations are indicated on the minimap.

Strategy[ | ]

Beware of enemy presence near the starting position at F3. Some players prefer to turn around at the start of the mission and clear out nearby enemies via E2. There is also small number of enemy vehicles on the dried-out riverbed west of the bridges near H3. The majority of the enemy forms a large cluster of vehicles around the control point, and some of the lighter vehicles may split away to find and approach player vehicles, whether they have been spotted or not.

Players with armored vehicles can go hull-down in the trench near the southern road at J5, but they should be careful of lighter hostile vehicles that may try to rush them. Meanwhile players in lighter classes can provide fire support further back to the west on the hill near J3 and help cover front line vehicles from back attacks, or provide fire support from the northern riverbank.

If all available enemies have been destroyed and secondary objective is still active, players will need to destroy all remaining trucks or allow secondary objective timer to reach zero in order to complete the mission.

Rewards[ | ]

Scorpio has a x2.95 Experience Experience multiplier and base x8.6 Credits Credits multiplier for completing the mission. The latter can be boosted to x12.9 if secondary objective is complete.

Gallery[ | ]