Sabrina Washington

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Sabrina Washington

Sabrina Washington is a standard commander available in Armored Warfare. She is available automatically to all players.

Sabrina's skills are focused on view range and concealment. These skills are suited for Light Tanks and Armored Fighting Vehicles.


Main article: Skill
Sabrina's skill block since Patch 0.22
Sabrina's skill block since Patch 0.22

Core Skill

Anti-Material Explosives IV - Module damaged increased by 32.55% + 1.25% for each level up to a 50.05% increase in module damage.

Other Skills

Skill Name Description Category Conditional Quantity
Camouflage I Camo factor increased by 1.8 Tactical No 2
Swap I Ammo swap speed improved by 12% Offensive No 4
Driving Lessions I Crew stat penalty with injured driver reduced by 20% Mobility Yes 2
Gunner Lessons I Crew stat penalty with injured gunner reduced by 20% Offensive Yes 1
Loader Lessons I Crew stat penalty with injured loader reduced by 20% Offensive Yes 1
Giant Killer I Crew damage caused to enemies increased by 6.3% Offensive No 2
Vehicle Armor I Damage caused by ramming reduced by 12% Defensive No 2
Diver 1 Underwater time increased by 12.5% Mobility No 2
Eagle Eye II Visibility through foliage improved by 6.6% Tactical No 1
In the Shadows II Foliage camo factor increased by 6.6% Tactical No 1
Vigilance II Spotting range increased by 8.8 meters Tactical No 1
Mobility II Increases hull traverse by 3.5% Mobility No 1
Smooth Drive II Tread and wheel hitpoints increased by 21.9% Defensive No 1
Perception II Improves turret traverse by 3.5% Mobility No 1
Texas Duel II Aim speed improved by 4.4% Offensive No 1
Timely Cleanse II Cannon hitpoints are increased by 21.9% Defensive No 1
Giant Killer II Crew damage caused to enemies increased by 10.9% Offensive No 1
Lucky Shot II Chance of high precision shooting increased by 9% with a 25% reduction in the aiming circle Offensive No 1
Infiltrator II Base capture rate increased by 10.9% Tactical No 1
Ambush II Minimum accuracy improved by 2.65%, if no friendly vehicles are within 25 meters Offensive Yes 1

Suggested Commands

Personnel File

  • Place of Birth: San Diego, USA

Sabrina grew up enjoying the beaches of sunny San Diego, thanks to her father's career as an electronics specialist for the Pacific Fleet. Although a talented musician, she opted to join the US Army after college, displaying an aptitude for strategy, intelligence and tactics. Driven and goal-oriented, Sabrina's methodical, although sometimes inflexible mind serves her team well.

Legacy Skills

Main article: Skill

Sabrina Washington had these skills before commander skills were reworked in Patch 0.22. As such, these skills are obsolete and not representative of her current skillset

  • Tier 1 - Vigilant: Vision range increased by 40m.
  • Tier 2 - Take Aim: Aim speed increased by 10%.
  • Tier 2 - Target Spotted...Evade!: Hull traverse speed increased by 20% for 10s after spotting an enemy.
  • Tier 3 - Blending In: Camo factor improved by 10%
  • Tier 4 - Hidden Gunner: Your visibility penalty while shooting is reduced by 30%
  • Tier 4 - Fitness Training: Increase crew saving throws by 20%.
  • Tier 5 - Takeover: Base capture rate improved by 25%