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Operation: Royalty was a tutorial mission in Armored Warfare. It was first added to the game in August 2015[1] and was superseded by the current tutorial mission in an unannounced change.[citation needed]

Briefing[ | ]

"Rescue ISD forces bunkered in and trapped by the Cartel. Secure the site until reinforcements arrive. Also, please return that MBT in one piece once the mission is complete."

Primary Objective[ | ]

Drive to the Marker[ | ]

Drive to the marker at H4.

Shoot an Oil Tank[ | ]

Destroy any one of the three fuel tanks at G4.

Destroy the Light Tank[ | ]

Drive towards the marker at G4 and destroy an enemy Light Tank that spawns at F4.

Snipe the Light Tank[ | ]

Drive to the marker at E4 and destroy an enemy Light Tank that spawns at C4.

Destroy the Main Battle Tank[ | ]

After destroying the second Light Tank, destroy the enemy Main Battle Tank that spawns at D5.

Secure the Bunker[ | ]

Capture the control point at C7, or destroy all enemy vehicles that spawn east of the control point to complete the mission.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Operation Royalty had a different layout in Update 0.8: the player originally started from the north while controlling a T-64. This was changed in 0.9 but with the objectives remaining the same.[2]