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Roughneck minimap

Official minimap

Roughneck is a PvP and Global Operations map in Armored Warfare. It is the base map for a number of PvE missions, including Frostbite, Phalanx, Spearhead, and Stormy Winter. The map was overhauled once in August 2017.[1]

Background Lore[ | ]

"Peaceful town in Russia was invaded by mercenaries trying to occupy the local refinery. This plant represents a powerful bargaining chip as well as the biggest source of revenue in the region – your team must not allow it to fall into enemy hands! But beware – the harsh weather will be your enemy as much as the opposing forces. Wealth and glory await the winner but the only thing the loser gets is the eternity of frozen grave..."[2]

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Trivia[ | ]

  • On Russian game client, the map was originally called "Вечная мерзлота", which means "permafrost". It was then renamed to "Nadym" ("Надым") in April 2017.[3]

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