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Rescue Mission is the second chapter of the American Dream Special Operations in Armored Warfare.

Briefing[ | ]

"June 27, 2043"

"Many refugees and resistance fighters were taken prisoners by the Lions of Nequiel. The terrorists took them to their capital - the occupied Denver.
Ryan Miller decided to attack the city to find and rescue his comrades."

Primary Objectives[ | ]

Players have 15 minutes to complete all primary objectives, which appear one at a time.

Take Control of the HQ[ | ]

Capture the Control Point at G5.

Hold the HQ[ | ]

Defend the same control point at G5 from enemy attacks for 1 minute and 5 seconds.

Take Control of the Depot[ | ]

Capture the control point at B4.

Hold the Depot[ | ]

Defend the same control point at B4 for 1 minute and 15 seconds.

Escort the Train[ | ]

The final objective is to protect the train as it travels south-westward from B4 towards D0. If the train's durability is depleted by enemy fire, the mission ends in a failure.

Secondary Objectives[ | ]

Assist the Bravo Squad[ | ]

This objective appears when "Take control of the HQ" primary objective is complete. Friendly NPC vehicles spawn to the east near the marker between D8 and E8 on the minimap, and they will be attacked by enemy vehicles that also spawn nearby. If the said enemy vehicles are destroyed with at least one friendly vehicle intact, the objective will be a success.

Sabotage the Oil Depot[ | ]

This objective appears together with "Take control of the depot" primary objective. Players have 2 minutes to destroy stationary targets at D3. Note that if a player vehicle arrives on the control point at B4 before then, the objective will end in a failure.

Strategy[ | ]

Rewards[ | ]

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Trivia[ | ]

  • The map is referred to as "Rushmore" in game files.