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Reputation in Armored Warfare is experience gained in battles that is used to unlock the various items within in the game. In order to unlock more vehicles and advance to higher tiers, players have to acquire reputation through battles, or through daily login bonuses. Along with reputation being the main way to unlock other vehicles, it also is used to unlock additional vehicle modules and upgrades. These upgrades can include improved engines, weapons, ammunition, and other items that enhance a vehicle's performance on the battlefield.

Reputation Types[edit | edit source]

Reputation in Armored Warfare is divided into three types: Vehicle Reputation, Global Reputation, and Locked Reputation.

Vehicle Reputation[edit | edit source]

Vehicle reputation is tied to the vehicle it was earned with, and can only be used to unlock that vehicle's modules and upgrades. Reaching 100% of the required vehicle reputation will allow a player to advance to the next tier.

Global Reputation[edit | edit source]

Global reputation can be used freely to unlock any vehicle progression, regardless of tier or class. Global reputation is acquired in one of two ways. At the end of every battle, five percent of each battle's reputation result is automatically converted to global reputation. This means that through playing normally you will acquire global reputation. The other method of acquiring global reputation uses Gold to turn locked reputation into global reputation.

Locked Reputation[edit | edit source]

Locked reputation is acquired through playing either a Premium Vehicle or through playing a vehicle that has 100% of reputation required to unlock the next tier of vehicle already acquired. Locked reputation is unusable unless a player uses Gold to turn the reputation into global reputation.

Reputation Progression[edit | edit source]

Once a player accumulates 50 percent of the reputation required to unlock the vehicle of the next tier, that vehicle receives the "Proven" status, unlocking a new set of items to spend vehicle reputation on. Once 100 percent of the reputation is earned, the vehicle receives the "Renowned" status, which allows a player to unlock the next tier of vehicle. It also allows the player to convert any further reputation obtained on that vehicle to global reputation in exchange for Gold. Premium vehicles in Armored Warfare are automatically considered to be "renowned".

Obtaining reputation[edit | edit source]

The primary way of obtaining reputation in Armored Warfare is by damaging enemy vehicles. While kills are important, it is the damage that earns the players the most reputation overall. Kills themselves are also rewarded with a minor reputation bonus but consistent performance is more important. Additionally, players who damaged enemy vehicles that someone else destroyed later will get an assistance bonus for helping to destroy them. Extra reputation is awarded for damaging and destroying enemy vehicle's modules and wounding their crew. Reputation can also be obtained by capturing enemy team's base. Finally, players are rewarded with a 25 percent reputation bonus for winning the match.

Bonus reputation[edit | edit source]

Players can also earn reputation bonuses. The first victory of the day will be rewarded with double reputation gain. In battle, players can also earn bonus reputation by collecting medals for different achievements within a battle, including tracking, spotting, and completing secondary objectives.

A small bonus to reputation in each battle is also given for the amount of vehicles present in the player's garage. The more vehicles a player owns, the bigger bonus they receive on top of the income from each battle played.

Additionally, accounts with Premium time running will earn a fifty percent bonus to reputation gain from all battles.