Operation: Red Opossum
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Operation: Red Opossum is a PvE mission in Armored Warfare.


The Lions of Nequiel have claimed this island for its natural resources and as a strategic location allowing them to easily assault nearby ISD encampments. The ISD forces have evacuated onto their oil tankers. Prevent the Lions of Nequiel from gaining a vantage point in the control tower, and cover the oil tankers as they escape.

Primary Objective

Secure the Crossroads

Defend the first control point at C2 for 3 minutes.

Protect the Office Building

Defend the second control point at C6 for 3 minutes.

Cover the Ship's Escape

Defend the final control point at E6 for 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

Secondary Objective

Sabotage Holding Tanks

This bonus objective requires players to reach designated areas one by one. Driving over one white circle will cause the next one to appear until all five areas are complete. The time limit is 9 minutes.


Most enemies attack the first control point from the north. However, at least one vehicle spawn to the east near D5 and will flank defending players if left untouched. One player should take care of any enemies spawning to the east, while the rest should defend from the south at E1 or E2.

Enemies in the second wave enter the area through two gates at A4 and C8 before heading for the control point at C6, so players can anticipate their movements and intercept them.

The final control point will be attacked from enemies spawning to the east around E8 as well as from the gates at A4 and C8. Players can consider splitting into two teams and deal with the threats separately.


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Reputation: 3x35 for Primary Objectives and 87 for Secondary.

Credits: 3x900 for Primary Objectives and 2250 for Secondary.

TOTAL: 192 Rep + 4950 Cred.

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