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Realistic Battle is a time-limited special PvP game mode in Armored Warfare. It first debuted on April 1st, 2021 as an April Fool's Day special content, and returned periodically for further testing.

The core mechanics of Realistic Battle is mostly the same as standard PvP battle but with spotting system omitted. All vehicles are rendered within 2,000 meters from the player's vehicle. Spotting mechanics such as view range and camouflage factor are disabled. All spotting UI components, such as enemy vehicle silhouettes and markers, are also disabled, and penetration indicator is unavailable on crosshair.

By design, the following vehicles are restricted from entering queue in Realistic Battle:

All commanders can be used in Realistic Battle, but Alisa Korhonen's Mysterious Stranger and Ophelia Kitescu's Tanks Don't Die skills are disabled.

As with Holiday Mode, matches played in Realistic Battle do not count towards Contract Mission progress or player statistics.

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