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Rashid Al-Atassi

Rashid Al-Atassi is a progression commander in Armored Warfare. He can be unlocked via the BMD-1P or BMP-1P's upgrade screen for Experience 12,150.

Rashid has skills that help improve ATGM control and reload speed, making him ideal for many Armored Fighting Vehicles and Tank Destroyers that rely on ATGMs to deal damage. His other skills are more varied, which range from mobility buff to increasing fire chance on vehicle engines.

Skills[ | ]

Core Skill[ | ]

Skill Name Description Quantity
Silencer IV Camo factor when firing improved by 10.87%...21.52% 1

Other skills[ | ]

Skill Name Description Quantity
Air Defense I APS reload time reduced by 4.21% 2
Anti-Material Explosives III Module damage improved by 18.8% 1
Camouflage III Camo factor increased by 5% 1
Fire When Ready I Reload speed is increased by 0.6% 2
Firestarter I Chance of fire increased by 28% 2
Full Throttle II Maximum speed increased by 3.08% at 50% hit points and over 1
Giant Killer III Crew damage caused to enemies increased by 18.8% 1
Missile Volley II ATGM reload speed increased by 1.48% 2
Missile Volley III ATGM reload speed increased by 2.63% 1
Motivation I Crew and Mechanized Infantry stats improved by 0.5% 4
Offroad Training II Acceleration in offroad environments improved by 6.16% with at least 50% hp 1
Offroader II Acceleration in offroad environments improved by 2.5% 1
Silencer I Camo penalty when firing reduced by 2.44% 2
Smoke Without Fire I Smoke screen Reload speed increased by 3.8% 2
Total Control II ATGM control improved by 10.9% 2
Total Control III ATGM noise improved by 18.8% 2

Personnel File[ | ]

Place of Birth: Homs, Syria

Growing up in war-torn Syria, Rashid quickly learned what it took to survive. When his family was killed, Rashid was forced to flee the country, and soon thereafter found himself in the Egyptian military, where his rough edges were finely polished. Although he always seems calm and projects confidence and courage, a dark desire for revenge fuels his tenacity in battle.

Legacy skills[ | ]

The following skills are from before 0.22 that no longer apply to the current commander progression system.

  • Tier 1 - Mobility: Increases turret traverse by 15%.
  • Tier 2 - Target Acquisition: Lock on time of your ATGMs reduced by 10%.
  • Tier 2 - Quickfire Missiles: Reload time of your ATGMs reduced by 10%.
  • Tier 3 - Quick Rotation: Increases hull traverse by 15%.
  • Tier 4 - Eye for and Eye: Increases damage you cause to enemy's crew by 20% for 15 seconds after a nearby ally is damaged.
  • Tier 4 - Piece for a Piece: Increases damage you cause to the enemy modules by 20% for 15 seconds after a nearby ally is damaged.
  • Tier 5 - Strength in Numbers: Reload time of your cannon reduced by 10% while near an ally vehicle.

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