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Operation: Raiding Party is a PvE mission in Armored Warfare.

Briefing[ | ]

"July 8, 2040. The enemy plans to relaunch production at an old mining facility. You need to destroy the mines before reinforcements are sent in."

Primary Objective[ | ]

Players have 12 minutes to complete all objectives.

Destroy Mine Tunnel[ | ]

There are four tunnels to destroy for the mission's first objective. Their locations are shown on the minimap.

Escape from the Mining Facility[ | ]

When all four tunnels have been destroyed, players have to capture the control point at J4.

Secondary Objective[ | ]

Capture Rare Earth Samples[ | ]

Players have to drive over four white circles whose locations are marked on the minimap.

Strategy[ | ]

Although only four out of six mine tunnels are designated as targets in each playthrough, there are enemy vehicles guarding all six of them at B7, D3, E1, F5, F9, and H8. Due to map size and time constraint, players may have to split into two teams or more to complete the first objective.

Destroying all four tunnels will cause the takeover objective to appear, and a new wave of enemies will spawn across the southern half of the map in attempt to block the players' paths. The control point always takes 40 seconds to capture regardless of numbers of player vehicles in presence over the circle.

Rewards[ | ]

Raiding Party has a x3.85 Experience Experience multiplier and base x12.22 Credits Credits multiplier for completing the mission. The latter can be boosted to x18.32 if secondary objective is complete.

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • On Russian game client, the mission is called "Гефест", which means "Hephaestus".