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In Armored Warfare PvP is one of the three primary gamemodes, along with PvE and Global Operations. In PvP, players take control of a vehicle and fight alongside other players against an opposing team, in a contest to either destroy all enemy tanks or gain control of the capture point located on the map.

Basics[edit | edit source]

PvP at its core is a gamemode where teams of up to thirty players (fifteen on each team) battle one another to either destroy the enemy or capture an enemy (Standard mode) or neutral (Encounter mode) location for your team. The battle ends when either one team is completely destroyed, the base is captured, or time runs out. Players can score points in this gamemode by either damaging, immobilizing, or spotting enemy vehicles, as well as capturing the enemy base. PvP relies heavily on the situational awareness, map knowledge, and most importantly, teamwork of each team's players. PvP battles take place on one of several maps, which are listed below.

Standard Mode vs Encounter Mode[edit | edit source]

There are a few key differences between Standard and Encounter mode, focusing around capture points.

  • In Standard Mode, both teams have a capture point to defend while trying to take control of the enemy's capture point. The capture points of both teams will be marked on the map, with the friendly capture point in blue and the enemy's point in red. These represent the enemy base of operations, and capturing this will render the enemy unable to fight.
  • In Encounter Mode, both teams will start off at a designated location, and have to fight to gain control of a neutral capture point, which is marked on the map in grey. This represents an important target for you to capture on the map.

One of the key differences between the modes is the amount of time needed to take control of the point. In Standard mode, it takes X seconds for a single player to capture the location, while in Encounter mode, it takes Y seconds. This is to compensate for the fact that both teams have an easier time actually getting to the capture point in Encounter.

Maps[edit | edit source]

Currently, Armored Warfare has 14 maps for PvP battles.

Other Maps[edit | edit source]

Highwall is a map that was added in Update 0.14 but was removed in Update 0.18 due to map imbalances. It is currently under redesign, but is the basis for the PvE mission Raiding Party.

Seven Steps is an upcoming map, being added to Armored Warfare in Update 0.22.