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PvP (Player versus Player) is one of the main game modes in Armored Warfare. In a typical PvP battle, two teams of fifteen players fight against each other. The standard PvP mode is also referred to as Random Battle.

The other PvP-related game modes include Global Operations, Ranked Battle, and Realistic Battle.

Entering a battle[ | ]

Players can enter a PvP matchmaking queue by selecting a vehicle that they own or an active rental vehicle then select Random Battle under the Player vs Player tab on the HQ screen. Alternatively, clicking the "Action!" button on top of any screens will have the same effect if Random Battle was the last game mode played.

Up to three players can join a PvP matchmaking queue in a platoon. When entering a queue with a platoon. The Tier difference across all players' vehicles must not exceed 1. For example, it is permissible to have Tiers 4 and 5 in platoon, but Tiers 3 or 6 in addition to Tiers 4 and 5 are not allowed.

If players queue for more than 2 minutes and 30 seconds during off-peak hours (i.e. from 23:00 CEST to 10:30 CEST), they will join a Random Battle between two teams of ten consisting vehicles of similar tiers. The rest of the team members that are not human players are instead filled by AI-controlled vehicles.[1][2]

Gameplay[ | ]

When the matchmaking system successfully finds enough players for a game, the map begins to load while a loading screen displays the composition of each team for the upcoming battle. A 30-second countdown will start when eighty percent of all players have successfully loaded the map. When all players are present while the countdown is still active, the timer will switch to 3 seconds before starting the battle.[3]

Objective[ | ]

The objective for both teams is to destroy all opponents' vehicles, or to capture a control point (also known as "base"). The location of control point to capture depends on the subtype of standard PvP match played.

  • Standard - Each team holds one control point, and the goal is to capture the enemy's control point on the other side of the map.
  • Encounter - There is one neutral control point located around the center of the map, and both teams should fight for its control.

Mechanics[ | ]

Standard PvP mode is considered a team deathmatch; there is no respawn available for all players, therefore a vehicle that has been destroyed in-game will remain unplayable until the end of a match. Each battle has a 15-minute time limit. Within that limit one team has to win or lose, otherwise the battle will be declared a draw with reduced rewards for both teams.

In situations where the matchmaker cannot create full-scale teams larger in a timely manner, players in a queue will be placed into a Skirmish match, which features fewer players in a match-up on a reduced size map.

Rewards[ | ]

When a mission ends, players are presented with a debriefing screen with the battle result. Experience Experience and Credits Credits are rewarded based on the players' individual performance. The winning team receives higher rewards than the losing team, but players on the losing team who have performed well can also gain substantial rewards.

Players can also earn Epic Medals by fulfilling specific requirements in a PvP match.[4] Earning multiple Epic Medals in a single match can also reward the player with decorative Mastery Flags for the vehicle that participated in the said match.[5]

Maps[ | ]

There are 20 maps available for PvP Random Battles as of December, 2021.

Highwall is not included in the list, as it has been removed from the game since August, 2017.[6]

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