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PvE mode battle.

PvE stands for Player versus Environment and is one battle mode available in Armored Warfare, the others being PvP and Global Operations (Glops). In PvE mode, teams of 5 players fight AI-controlled opponents. Each contract is available for a certain period of time, during which the players can complete the missions, learn new tactics and receive rewards.

A key feature of the Mission system is team coordination – the success of each mission depends on cooperation between all the players fighting together. Unlike PvP mode, in PvE every player has to understand their part and role in battle – without cooperation the team cannot succeed. Both game chat and quick commands can be used for effective communication while coordinating team efforts.

Entering a battle[edit | edit source]

Joining a PvE match.

Starting a PvE battle works the same way as starting a PvP battle. First the player selects a vehicle from those available in the garage and then they click the "Mission (PvE)" button. Players can also join the PvE queue in a platoon of up to 5 players.

Most of the missions require the teams to consist of various classes. The more complicated the mission, the more important this requirement is.

Difficulty levels[edit | edit source]

There are four difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard, and insane. The missions remain the same objective-wise, but some of the parameters will change: the number of opponents and their vehicle tiers, time limits etc. The difficulty level can be selected individually for each map and map sets are changed every day.

  • Easy - for new players, serves as the entry level to the game in order for players to get used to tactics and the flow of battle
  • Medium – standard difficult, more difficult but perfectly suitable for a player with some experience already
  • Hard – high difficulty level suitable only for experienced players and players specializing in PvE
  • Insane - this mode is only available for spec-ops missions

Starting from update 0.13, missions above the Easy level will have a Logistics Cost, depending on the level of the tank and the difficulty of the mission. This works like an entry fee.

Missions[edit | edit source]

After selecting a mission and a difficulty, you get placed in a mission with 4 other player if you're solo, or in with your team if you're platooned, with the team adding up to 5 players. There are currently over 30 missions.

Objectives and challenges[edit | edit source]

Mission briefing and objectives.

Players are rewarded with reputation points and credits for successfully reaching objectives. Players will receive a smaller reward even if the mission was not successful. There are three types of objectives:

  • Primary (main) - Primary objectives are given to the entire team and the mission cannot be successfully ended without completing them.
  • Secondary - Secondary objectives are given to the entire team as well, but completing them only influences the size of the reward the players get. Teams will receive bonuses for completing the secondary objectives, but they are also time-limited and therefore more difficult.
  • Daily challenges - Additional Objectives, that consist of tasks that are normally done within a match (i.e. tracking enemys, or winning matches in a certain class of vehicle), and the progress for these can be tracked in the Garage

There are various types of objectives in the game, including defending certain areas, destruction of enemies, or the capture of certain objects. All the objectives are displayed on the minimap as well as the player screen.

All objectives are divided into types:

  • Capture - Enemies are defending a location. The team must move in and take it from them.
  • Destroy - The team must take out specific targets, such as a boss vehicle or buildings.
  • Escape - The team must move through heavy resistance to reach a location within a set amount of time.
  • Defend - The team must hold a location or multiple locations against an assault for a given time period.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

All the Vehicles work the same in PVE as in PVP, but have access to an additional 4th consumable Slot, which is used to store either a vehicletier dependant repair kit, that restores 20% of the Maximum HP that the Vehicle has, while also replenishing the Ammo, or the Field rebuild kit, that either repairs the vehicle to 100% health, and also replenishes the Ammo, or, in the case the player died, be used to get back into the running Operation, with 60% health restored, and full Ammo.

Missions are the Player vs. Environment aspect of Armored Warfare. In missions, four to five players battle in a scenario against AI controlled enemies. These missions have a story line based narrative where the agent gives primary and secondary tasks. In order to successfully complete the mission, players are required to complete the primary mission and at least one player must survive the mission. Surviving and secondary objective completion give significant boosts to reputation and credits.

Enemy vehicles[edit | edit source]

The vehicles that the player may face are versions of the vehicles the player may play. Each enemy vehicle is identified with a difficulty or ability level. Depending on their prefix, enemy vehicles will have less health, armor, fire different ammo types or act less smart, among other factors.

  • (Fragile) Weaker than the standard vehicle
  • (no prefix) Standard vehicle
  • (Superior) The most dangerous variant of vehicle

In addition to these regular enemies, player have a chance to face a mini-boss that are identified by having Lieutnant or Officer as a Name Suffix. These vehicles are significantly more difficult to destroy than the normal vehicles. They appear to have higher levels of armor and several times more hit points than the regular enemies. The chance to spawn these mini-bosses increase with tier and difficulty.

There are a Number of Vehicles, that are more dangerous than others to most Player vehicles because of their Pinpoint Accuracy Missiles, these are listed below:

Mission list[edit | edit source]

List of and link to missions, as well as the PvP maps they are based on. All PvE maps start with an "Operation:" prefix. For example, "Operation: Ghost Hunter".

Mission Name Map Easy Difficulty Medium Difficulty Hard Difficulty
Albatross Ghost Fields
Anvil Custom
Banshee Custom
Basilisk Reactor
Cavalry Pipelines
Cerberus Custom
Dire Wolf Cold Strike
Erebos Lost Island
Frostbite Roughneck
Ghost Hunter River Point
Harbinger River Point
Hydra Narrows
Kodiak Port Storm
Leviathan Lost Island
Life Jacket Custom
Meltdown Reactor
Onyx Custom
Perseus Narrows
Phalanx Roughneck
Prometheus Lost Island
Quarterback Pipelines
Raiding Party Highwall
Red Opossum Custom
Ricochet Port Storm
Rolling Thunder Cold Strike
Sapphire Narrows
Scorpio Cold Strike
Snake Bite Ghost Fields
Spearhead Roughneck
Starry Night River Point
Stormy Winter Roughneck Disabled
Tsunami Port Storm
Umbrella Ghost Fields
Watchdog Coastal Threat
Wild Fire Narrows
Zero Hour Reactor

Special Operations (SpecOps)[edit | edit source]

This kind of PvE Mission has been added with the Update 0.23 "Caribbean Crisis", and consists of a set of Missions that can only be played one after another (But if the leader of a Platoon is on the first chapter of a certain set of missions, the rest of the platoon could already be on the 2nd chapter, and they still could go into battle (but not the other way around)), and also only come in 2 difficultys: Fighter, wich is roughly equal to the medium difficulty, and Insane, wich is equal, if not above the difficulty of hard. Also, these missions feature additional mechanics that are tied to the completion of secondary objectives. Furthermore, these missions have a unique x4 for the 1st victory, that unlike the "normal" x2, doesn't reset every night, but instead resets every 3 days.

There are 4 Sets of Special Operations Chapters:

Status Available in Wargames Available in Wargames Available in Wargames Not Available Available
Campaign Name Caribbean Crisis Black Sea Incursion Arabian Nights Moscow Calling American Dream
Chapter 1: Attack Chapter 1: Meeting in Batumi Chapter 1: Plant in El Arish Chapter 1: Summit Chapter 1: Unrest
Chapter 2: Pursuit Chapter 2: Tkvarcheli Siege Chapter 2: Hunt in Basra Chapter 2: Castle Chapter 2: Rescue Mission
Chapter 3: Threat from the Sea Chapter 3: Tkvarcheli Trap Chapter 3: Latakia Breakthrough Chapter 3: Midnight Ambush Chapter 3: New Enemy
Chapter 4: Exfiltration Chapter 4: Stronghold Chapter 4: Olavsvern Takeover Chapter 4: Freedom Chapter 4: Satellite

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