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Gameplay screenshot of Desert Saber

PvE (Player versus Environment) is one of the main game modes in Armored Warfare. In a typical PvE battle, a team of five players fights against numerically-superior AI-controlled opponents (also known as "bots") to complete mission-specific objectives.

There are two types of PvE missions: Standard PvE and Special Operations.

Entering a battle[ | ]

Pve joining

Joining a PvE match.

Players can enter a PvE matchmaking queue by selecting a vehicle that they own or an active rental vehicle then select a mission under the Co-Op Missions tab on the HQ screen. Alternatively, clicking the "Action!" button on top of any screens will have the same effect; the game will remember the difficulty option they last played when queuing under this way.

Mission selection and queues are separated not only by difficulty options, but also by Tier pools. Standard PvE missions are split into Tiers 1 to 3, Tiers 4 to 6, and Tiers 7 to 10. Special Operations are split into Tiers 4 to 8 and Tiers 9 to 10.

When entering a queue with a platoon. The Tier difference across all players' vehicles must not exceed 1. For example, it is permissible to have Tiers 4 and 5 in platoon, but Tiers 3 or 6 in addition to Tiers 4 and 5 are not allowed.

Difficulty[ | ]

  • Standard - Basic difficulty for Standard PvE missions. Available for Tiers 1 to 6.
  • Hardcore - Advanced difficulty for Standard PvE missions. Available for Tiers 4 to 10. This is also the default Special Operations difficulty for Tiers 4 to 8.
  • Extreme - Default Special Operations difficulty for Tiers 9 and 10.
  • Heroic - Battalion exclusive difficulty option. Can only be accessed via Battalion Operations tab.

Gameplay[ | ]

When the matchmaking system successfully finds five players, the mission map begins to load while a loading screen displays the setup of the five-man team for the upcoming battle. A 30-second countdown will start when a certain number of players have successfully loaded the map. When all players are present while the countdown is still active, the timer will switch to 3 seconds before starting the battle.[1]

Mission objectives[ | ]

Raiding Party Briefing

Mission briefing and objectives.

A PvE mission typically has primary and secondary objectives. Primary objectives are usually marked with large circles on the minimap, whereas secondary objectives are marked with small circles. Players must complete the primary objectives within the given time limits, or else the mission would end in a failure. Secondary objectives are optional, but completing them rewards all players with bonus Credits Credits.

There are generally three types of objectives:

  • Capturing a location
  • Defending a location from hostile capture
  • Destroying a valuable target
  • Defending a valuable target (target's health bar will be displayed on the objective window)

Sometimes a mission objective becomes complete when all enemy vehicles in context with the said objective are destroyed, even if the objective itself has not been interacted at all.

Opponents[ | ]

During missions, players are confronted by bots - AI-controlled enemies in vehicles that behave similarly to the player counterparts. Their toughness and numbers are defined by the difficulty level of the mission. Enemy vehicles may have suffixes to their names, which indicate the vehicles' quality and differences from the "standard" vehicles and let players know how difficult that respective opponent is.

  • Fragile - Weak than standard vehicle in firepower, penetration, health, and armor
  • No prefix - Standard vehicle
  • Superior - Stronger than standard vehicle in firepower, penetration, health, and armor. Also comes with upgrades such as ERA and APS (if available)
  • Lieutenant/Officer - Mini-boss variants with significant quality in firepower, penetration, health, armor, and view range.

In Special Operations missions, it is also possible to face enemies that come in other forms, such as infantry, helicopters, or pillboxes.

Mechanics[ | ]

Vehicles both controlled by players and bots have reduced view range compared to PvP mode to reflect on PvE mode's smaller map sizes. The highest possible view range value is also reduced.

Players in PvE battles have access to the fourth consumable slot, which is reserved for the Field Rebuilt Kit or the Experimental Field Rebuilt Kit. Both consumables can restore the vehicle's hit points back to full capacity, but they do not replenish ammunition, nor do they heal injured crew or repair modules by themselves; those can be restored with other dedicated consumables. Field Rebuilt Kit and Experimental Field Repair Kit do not replenish ammunition, but a PvE mode exclusive ability to refill ammunition in an instant is available for every player to activate without cost once per PvE battle.

When a player's vehicle is destroyed during a mission, a respawn screen will appear with the Credit cost of a respawn in the middle. The controlling player can click on the Credit icon within the allotted time limit (indicated by the timer in the middle of the screen) to accept the respawn offer. Two respawns per PvE battle are available, the second one being rather more expensive than the first.[2] If if all player vehicles are destroyed and can no longer respawn, either by depleting all available respawns or by allowing the respawn offer to expire after destruction, the mission will end in a failure.

Rewards[ | ]

When a mission ends, players are presented with a debriefing screen with the summary of their performance. Experience Experience and Credits Credits are rewarded for successfully reaching objectives, however players will receive a reduced amount of reward even if the mission was not successful.

In addition to player performance, the rewards are also dependent on each mission's objective bonuses and difficulty multiplier.[3]

Mission list[ | ]

The following list shows all 42 playable PvE missions in Armored Warfare as of December 2023. All PvE missions start with an "Operation:" prefix in-game. For example, "Ghost Hunter" refers to "Operation: Ghost Hunter".

Mission Name Base Map Tiers 1-3
Tiers 4-6
Tiers 4-6
Tiers 7-10
Albatross Ghost Field
Anvil Custom
Banshee Custom
Basilisk Reactor
Cavalry Pipelines
Cerberus Custom
Desert Fox Desert Crossing
Desert Path Desert Crossing
Desert Saber Desert Crossing
Desert Strike Desert Crossing
Desert Viper Desert Crossing
Dire Wolf Cold Strike
Erebos Lost Island
Frostbite Roughneck
Ghost Hunter River Point
Harbinger River Point
Hydra Narrows
Kodiak Port Storm
Leviathan Lost Island
Life Jacket Custom
Meltdown Reactor
Onyx Custom
Perseus Narrows
Phalanx Roughneck
Prometheus Lost Island
Quarterback Pipelines
Raiding Party Highwall
Red Opossum Custom
Ricochet Port Storm
Rolling Thunder Cold Strike
Sapphire Narrows
Scorpio Cold Strike
Snake Bite Ghost Field
Spearhead Roughneck
Starry Night River Point
Stormy Winter Roughneck
Tsunami Port Storm
Umbrella Ghost Field
Wages of Sin Custom
Watchdog Coastal Threat
Wildfire Narrows
Zero Hour Reactor

Tiger Claw is not included in the list, as it has been removed from the map pool.

Special Operations[ | ]

Main article: Special Operations

Special Operations are a special type of PvE missions. They come in series that have to be completed in a specific order and award unique rewards such as camouflages or player avatars. Unlike the standard PvE missions, Special Operations are tied by a common storyline.

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