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Pursuit is the second chapter of the Caribbean Crisis Special Operations in Armored Warfare.

Briefing[ | ]

"Panama Canal, September 15 2042'""

"Magnus took the chlorine from the plant for a chemical attack. You summon the Zubr and follow the enemy so you can find out where he plans to strike. However, your paths are diverted upon reaching the Panama Canal: Magnus continues on his way, but armed security refuse to let you through. The Department has not sanctioned this operation so you will have to act on your own risk."

Primary Objective[ | ]

Players have 15 minutes to complete all objectives.

Protect the Zubr[ | ]

Players must protect the Zubr as it crosses the canal. Two groups of enemy Light Tanks, which can be distinguished by its designated status, target the Zubr - one approximately 50 seconds after the mission starts, and another 50 seconds after the first "Lower the Bridge" primary objective is complete. Should the Zubr's durability reaches zero, the mission ends in a failure. This objective stays active throughout the mission.

Data Collection[ | ]

Capture the three control points at F3, G4, and H5 on the southern side of the canal.

After completing the first "Lower the Bridge" primary objective, capture the remaining three control points at C4, E4, and E7 on the northern side.

Open the Water Gate[ | ]

This objective appears twice: players have to capture the circle at F5 on the southern side, and another later at D3 on the northern side in order to let the Zubr to pass.

Lower the Bridge[ | ]

This objective appears twice: players have to defend the control point at F4 for 2 minutes after capturing three circles for "Data collection" and completing the first "Open the Water Gate" primary objectives, and another at C2 for 2 minutes and 30 seconds after fully completing "Data collection" and the second "Open the Water Gate" primary objectives.

Evacuate[ | ]

Capture the control circle at D0 or destroy all nearby enemies to complete the mission.

Secondary Objective[ | ]

Destroy the Bridges[ | ]

This objective appears 25 seconds after the first "Lower the Bridge" primary objective is complete. Players have 2 minutes to destroy the two bridges at D7 and E9.

Strategy[ | ]

This mission takes place with night vision enabled: all vehicles have higher camouflage values, and suffer greater camouflage penalty upon firing weapons. Battles are depicted with visual effects similar to that seen from an image intensifier.

Rewards[ | ]

Primary Objective 33/825
Primary Objective 221/5,525
Primary Objective 11/275
Secondary Objective 30/750
Match Participation 22/293
Total Base Income 317/7668

Gallery[ | ]