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Person of Interest is the first chapter of the Spirithaven Special Operations in Armored Warfare.

Briefing[ | ]

"June 16, 2044"

"Almost a year has passed since Hana Burić and Austin Harper helped Magnus Holter to escape Enigma's Moscow prison. The Resistance grew stronger, but it's still not powerful enough to wage a large scale war.
That is why Magnus offered to capture a key asset of the enemy - James Todd Litteral, the leader of the National Patriot Activist Army. He's one of the few people on the planet, who can provide the Resistance with Enigma's command center coordinates, allowing them to take out Enigma and its leaders, Victor Blaze, with one fell swoop."

Primary Objectives[ | ]

Search the Lower Village[ | ]

Capture control point at I4. On Extreme difficulty players have 3 minutes to complete this objective.

Search the Upper Village[ | ]

After completing "Search the Lower Village", capture the control point at F3. As players move towards the bridge, a circle is marked at D6 to show the way up the hill as the road at F6 is blocked. On Extreme difficulty there is a time limit of 7 minutes to complete this objective.

Capture the Castle[ | ]

The last objective is to capture the control point at C2. There is a time limit of 5 minutes on Extreme Difficulty.

Secondary Objectives[ | ]

Stop the Officer from reaching the River[ | ]

This objective appears approximately 25 seconds after the start of the mission. A lieutenant vehicle spawns at G4 and attempts to head and north along the river. Destroying the said vehicle before it reaches D7 completes the mission. If the lieutenant is not destroyed in time, it will continue to drive up the hill until it reaches the final control point at C2.

Defeat the Reinforcements[ | ]

This objective appears approximately 15 seconds a player vehicle enters the control point at F3 during "Search the Upper Village" primary objective. Destroy the three Light Tanks that appear in at I4 within 1 minute to complete this bonus objective.

If the players fail to destroy all Light Tanks in time, the bonus objective would fail, and additional vehicles will spawn near the village at E5 and drive up, potentially catching player vehicles from behind.

Strategy[ | ]

Rewards[ | ]

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Trivia[ | ]

  • The map is referred to as "rash" in game files.