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The PT-76 is a Tier 1 special progression Light Tank under Marat Shishkin's dealership.

History[ | ]

Class: Light Tank
Developed: 1949-1951
Service: 1951-2010 (Russia, ongoing elsewhere)
Vehicles Built: 3039
Operators: Soviet Union, Russia, Vietnam, North Korea and more than 40 other users

The PT-76 is an amphibious light tank. It was developed due to the need for a swimming-capable vehicle for European battlefields, known for their numerous water obstacles, which would also be capable of both supporting infantry and ferrying them over. This requirement was quite dubious and was not really suitable for the conditions of the European battlefield but remained embedded in the minds of both western and eastern strategists for decades to come.

Development began in 1949 in Chelyabinsk (under the famous Soviet designer N.F.Shashmurin) with VNII-100 (a Russian Research and Development Institute branch) oversight and with assistance from the "Red Sormovo" plant design bureau (led by Zhosef Kotin) under the designation of Object 740. The prototype was built in the February of 1950 and in March and April it underwent factory trials. By July-August 1950, two prototypes were already in existence and were in the process of modification based on the results of the factory trial, which they passed. After defeating a competing project (the K-90 prototype light tank) thanks to its superior off-road capability, the vehicle was accepted in service under the designation of "PT-76" ("swimming tank, armed with 76mm") on 6.8.1951. The PT-76 was produced from 1951 to 1967 and several variants and modifications emerged throughout the years as well as another Chinese tank developed from the PT-76, known as Type 63. A total of around 3000 were built (including the foreign variants), although sources differ.

The 76mm gun – while adequate for the early 50s – soon became obsolete, but even under those circumstances and with its thin armor, the PT-76 often served as a "poor man's tank" and participated in several notable conflicts, including the Vietnam War, the Yom Kippur War, a series of conflicts in former Yugoslavia and the Iraq War. It was widely exported all across the world, especially to the former Soviet bloc countries as well as to the Soviet-friendly forces in Africa and Asia, although Czechoslovakia notably refused to field this vehicle type citing insufficient protection. Its ability to cross bodies of water as well as the low weight of the vehicle came in handy in the difficult conditions of Asian battlefields, especially in the jungles and mountains of northern Vietnam where the PT-76 was one of only a handful of armored vehicle types able to operate there as the terrain proved too difficult for heavier tanks.

Vehicle Traits[ | ]

  • Stealthy: This vehicle does not lose any camouflage when moving at any speed, which is handy primarily for scouting.
  • Designate Target: This vehicle has the ability to designate targets that are within its line of sight. Designated targets are marked to other players and take increased damage.
  • Smoke Generators: This vehicle generates smoke all around it and lays down smoke cover by driving forward.
  • Amphibious: This vehicle is more resistant to taking on water, allowing it to traverse wider rivers or lakes.

Ammunition[ | ]

# Ammo
XP Cost Damage Penetration Velocity Reload
1 76mm 53-UBR-354B AP AP Experience 275 190 390[note 1] mm 955 m/s 4.00 s
  • Accuracy (Fully Aimed): 0.09 °
  • Damage Randomization: ± 5 %
  • Penetration Randomization: ± 5 %
  • Ricochet Angle: 67.0 °
2 76mm 53-UOF-354M HE HE Experience 280 285[note 2] 25 mm 680 m/s 4.00 s
  • Accuracy (Fully Aimed): 0.12 °
  • Fire Chance Bonus: 100 %
  • Penetration Randomization: ± 10 %
  • Splash Radius: 1.00 m
  • Splash Penetration: 80 mm
3 76mm 53-UBK-354M HEAT HEAT Stock 240 420 mm 700 m/s 4.00 s
  • Accuracy (Fully Aimed): 0.10 °
  • Fire Chance Bonus: 300 %
  • Damage Randomization: ± 10 %
  • Penetration Randomization: ± 10 %
  • Bonus Module Damage: 25 %
4 7.62mm AP AP Stock 8 18[note 3] mm 855 m/s 5.00 s
  • Accuracy (Fully Aimed): 0.98 °
  • Magazine Type: Clip
  • Partial Reload: Yes
  • Magazine Size: 800
  • Burst Fire Rate: 400 rd/min
  • Damage Randomization: ± 10 %
  • Penetration Randomization: ± 10 %
  • Ricochet Angle: 67 °

Upgrades[ | ]

Armor[ | ]

PT-76 Stock Armor
XP Cost Credit Cost Hull
Stock Stock 115 mm (vs AP)
150 mm (vs HEAT)
Steel 195 mm (vs AP)
240 mm (vs HEAT)
Steel N/A N/A vs AP
This vehicle's light armor offers basic protection from autocannons and machineguns.

Weapon[ | ]

# Name XP Cost Credit Cost Aim Time Reload Time More Info
Weapon1 76mm D-56T Rifled Cannon Stock Stock 2.10 s 4.00 s


  • Depression/Elevation: -4.0° / 28.0°
76mm 53-UBR-354B AP
76mm 53-UOF-354M HE
76mm 53-UBK-354M HEAT
7.62mm AP

Engine[ | ]

Name XP Cost Credit Cost Max Speed Reverse Speed Forward
Hull Traverse Fire Chance
RMZ V-6 240 hp Diesel Engine Stock Stock 44 km/h 25 km/h 4.16 s (0 to 32 km/h)
7.79 s (0 to Max Speed)
34.86° 10 %
RMZ V-6M 300 hp Diesel Engine Experience 50 Credits 885 60 km/h 25 km/h 3.66 s (0 to 32 km/h)
12.25 s (0 to Max Speed)
50.43° 10 %

Parts[ | ]

Name XP Cost Credit Cost Description Notes
Exhaust Smoke
Stock Stock Provides 2 exhaust smoke charges
Recharge time: 60s
Duration: 14s
Upgraded Exhaust Smoke Generator
Experience 120 Credits 2,125 Provides 9 exhaust smoke charges
Recharge time: 60s
Duration: 14s
Improved Fire Control System
Experience 165 Credits 2,990 Aiming time reduced by 20%
Improved Stabilizer Drives
Stock Stock Overall accuracy while moving is improved by 40%
Upgraded Fire Control System Sensors
Stock Stock Reduces the accuracy penalties for firing and traversing the hull.
Stock Tracks
Stock Stock Mobility (Light Terrain): 91.2%
Mobility (Heavy Terrain): 77.8%

Other unlocks[ | ]

Name Cost Description Notes
Player Title
Experience 90 Unlocks a new player title: Frogman
85 Reputation
Experience 110 Provides an injection of 85 Reputation.
85 Reputation
Experience 110 Provides an injection of 85 Reputation.

Abilities[ | ]

# Name XP Cost Stats Activation
Duration Cooldown More
Designate Ability Designate
Designate Target
Stock N/A 2.5 s 10 s 15 s

A target designated by this ability will remain spotted for its duration and will receive increased damage.

No conditions bound to this ability.


  1. 390 mm at 150m;
    312 mm at 600m
  2. 80 for Partial Penetration;
    20 for Non-Penetrating Hits
  3. 18 mm at 100m;
    9 mm at 1000m
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