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Olivia Bouchard is a premium commander in Armored Warfare. She can be purchased for Golds.png 2,000 on the Commanders screen in Garage.

With her bonuses to spotting and vehicle camouflage, Olivia is intended to be a scout commander for new players. She comes with all available skills unlocked, but her rank is fixed at lieutenant and cannot progress any further, a trait also shared by Jorge Alvarez.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Starting Skills[edit | edit source]

Skill Name Description Quantity
Texas Duel IV Aim speed improved by 17.5% 1
Combat Experience III Experience earned is increased by 15.00% 1
Good Income III Credits earned are increased by 3.75% 2
Vigilance II Spotting range increased by 8.80 meters 1
Smooth Drive II Tread and wheel hit points increased by 21.90% 1
Eagle Eye II Ability to spot targets behind foliage improved by 6.60% 1
Camouflage II Camo factor increased by 3.10% 1
Giant Killer II Crew damage caused increased by 10.90% 1
Anti-Material Explosives II Module damage improved by 10.90% 1

Personnel File[edit | edit source]

Born in Quebec, Canada, Olivia Bouchard grew up as a normal kid and had no connection to the military whatsoever. However, the economic crisis caused by the Corporate Wars forced her to leave home and look for whatever work she could find. After struggling for a while, she landed in a fledgling Private Military Company in desperate need of new combatants – even completely green ones, like Olivia. In the years that followed, she gained a lot of combat experience in its service and became a battle-hardened mercenary.