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Olavsvern Takeover is the fourth and final chapter of the Arabian Nights Special Operations in Armored Warfare.

Briefing[ | ]

"March 27, 2043"

"Douglas O'Reilley tipped off the hideout of Sebastian Grimm, his former boss. The International Security Department together with Magnus Holter are on the way to the location. Together, they are going to put an end to Clayburn Industries."

Primary Objectives[ | ]

Find Sebastian[ | ]

This objective appears at the start of the mission, and it will be complete when players fulfill the "Capture the Port" primary objective.

Support Either Magnus or Fedor[ | ]

Complete either "Support Magnus" or "Support Fedor" by capturing the control point at I2 or I5 respectively.

Capture the Roadblock[ | ]

Capture the control point at H3.

Capture the Port[ | ]

Capture the control point at B4.

Destroy Sebastian's Warship[ | ]

Reduce the durability of Sebastian's warship to 10% or below before he escapes. The time limit is 8 minutes.

Secondary Objectives[ | ]

Support Magnus (Sebastian perishes)[ | ]

Capture the control point at I2 in the beginning of the mission. Doing so will forfeit the "Support Fedor" objective.

Support Fedor (Sebastian gets arrested)[ | ]

Capture the control point at I5 in the beginning of the mission. Doing so will forfeit the "Support Magnus" objective.

Destroy the AA[ | ]

This objective appears shortly after "Capture the Roadblock" primary objective becomes available, which tasks the players to destroy the five SAM launchers indicated on the minimap. Completing this bonus objective enables air support to help damage Sebastian's warship later in the mission. The friendly air support can also help damage enemy vehicles around E5 if no player vehicles have reached the lower grounds there beforehand.

Disable the Signal Jammers[ | ]

This objective becomes available approximately 55 seconds after "Destroy Sebastian's Warship" primary objective becomes active and if "Destroy the AA" secondary objective is complete. There are three circles available for capture at E2, E4, and F1. Capturing each one will allow friendly air support to perform a bombing run against Sebastian's warship.

Strategy[ | ]

Rewards[ | ]

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The map is referred to as "blackcoast" in game files.
  • This mission has two possible endings: Sebastian gets killed by Magnus's forces, or Sebastian gets arrested by Fedor's forces. The canon latter was eventually determined as canon by examining players' choices during the mission's availability in 2019, of which Fedor's side won the majority.[1]


  1. Time limit will be extended to 9 minutes if "Capture the Port" is completed with less than 9 minutes remaining on the timer