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The Object 490 is a Tier 10 special premium Main Battle Tank under Marat Shishkin's dealership.


Class: Main Battle Tank (Experimental)
Developed: 1980s
Service: N/A
Vehicles Built: N/A
Operators: N/A

The Object 490 (some sources claim this variant was called "Belka") was one of several variants carrying the designation and was developed in Kharkov specifically to carry the 152mm 2A73 smoothbore cannon. As tank designs went, its properties were pretty much without equal. It offered impressive protection and firepower along with quite distinctive four-track chassis, powered by two ZiM 4TD engines, producing up to 2000hp. Most notably, the crew compartment was located in the rear of the wedge-shaped hull with pretty much everything (including massive slabs of armor and an entire turret) between it and the enemy. This combination provided unprecedented levels of crew protection – for the frontal hull (the upper frontal plate), it reached from between 2000mm of RHAe to incredible 4500mm of RHAe. The unmanned turret was, of course, protected less, as it itself acted as a protection element for the men inside.

In summary, the Soviets came up with a vehicle that was practically impossible to knock out from the front, had a hydro-pneumatic adjustable suspension and was armed with a massive automatically loaded gun that could take out anything the NATO could field.

The use of experimental technologies, however, meant that it was clear to everyone involved this tank would never see active service. While advanced, it was clearly too expensive for any mass-production. The photos that were discovered relatively recently belong to a full-scale wooden mock-up from the late 1980s or the early 1990s, which is as far as the tank got. With Ukraine split from the Soviet Union and running into economic troubles of its own, there was simply no funding for such fantastic endeavors and the project passed into history along with the other late Soviet era next generation tanks that were supposed to lead the Red Army into the 21st century.

Vehicle Traits[]

  • Armored: This vehicle's armor can withstand a lot of punishment, allowing it to survive even serious firefights.
  • Heavy Weapon: This vehicle carries one of the largest weapons around with significantly increased damage per shot.
  • Twin Tracks: This vehicle has two sets of tracks and is harder to immobilize.
  • Twin Engines: This vehicle has two engines. It can continue to move even when one of them is destroyed, albeit at a lower pace.
  • Improved Reverse: This vehicle can drive backwards much faster than other vehicles can.
  • Advanced Hydraulic Suspension: This vehicle's advanced hydraulic suspension allows you to tilt its hull to the front, to the rear and to each side for improved gun elevation and depression angles.
  • Adjustable Suspension: This vehicle features a hydraulic suspension that allows you to manually change its ground clearance.
  • Unmanned Turret: This vehicle features a remotely-controlled or low-profile turret that receives reduced damage.


# Ammo
XP Cost Damage Penetration Velocity Reload
1 152mm Grifel-1 APFSDS APFSDS Stock 1050 850[note 1] mm 1800 m/s 11.40 s
  • Accuracy (Fully Aimed): 0.15 °
  • Damage Randomization: ± 5 %
  • Penetration Randomization: ± 5 %
  • Ricochet Angle: 67.0 °
2 152mm Grifel-3 HE HE Stock 1575[note 2] 60 mm 850 m/s 11.40 s
  • Accuracy (Fully Aimed): 0.18 °
  • Fire Chance Bonus: 100 %
  • Penetration Randomization: ± 10 %
  • Splash Radius: 1.50 m
  • Splash Penetration: 150 mm
3 7.62mm AP AP Stock 8 18[note 3] mm 855 m/s 5.00 s
  • Accuracy (Fully Aimed): 0.15 °
  • Magazine Type: Clip
  • Partial Reload: Yes
  • Magazine Size: 800
  • Burst Fire Rate: 400 rd/min
  • Damage Randomization: ± 10 %
  • Penetration Randomization: ± 10 %
  • Ricochet Angle: 67.0 °



Object 490 Stock Armor
XP Cost Credit Cost Hull
Stock Stock 990 mm (vs AP)
1445 mm (vs HEAT)
Composite with Air Gaps 950 mm (vs AP)
1655 mm (vs HEAT)
Composite with Air Gaps Gofr ERA (Gen 3) 50% (vs AP)
80% (vs HEAT)
This is the best frontally protected MBT in the game. Its sloped composite armor, unmanned turret and rear-mounted crew area offer unparalleled levels of survivability.


# Name XP Cost Credit Cost Aim Time Reload Time More Info
Weapon1 152mm 2A83 Smoothbore Cannon Stock Stock 2.72 s 11.40 s


  • Depression/Elevation incl. Suspension: -10.0° / 7.0°
152mm Grifel-1 APFSDS
152mm Grifel-3 HE
7.62mm AP


Name XP Cost Credit Cost Max Speed Reverse Speed Forward
Hull Traverse Fire Chance
KhZTM 4TD 2000 hp Twin Diesel Engine Stock Stock 90 km/h 90 km/h 3.93 s (0 to 32 km/h)
26.11 s (0 to Max Speed)
26.58° 0 %


Name XP Cost Credit Cost Description Notes
Armored Crew Compartment
Stock Stock Damage to crew reduced by 50%.
3D17M Smoke Grenades
Stock Stock Comes with 8 charges
Takes 25s to recharge
Duration: 10s
Shtandart Hard Kill APS
Stock Stock Automatic Hard Kill APS
Target Acquisition Range: 500m
Charges: 10
Cooldown: 60s
Angle of Effect: 360°

Automatic Soft Kill APS
Target Acquisition Range: 300m
Effective Range: 300m
Multiplier to ATGM's Standard Noise: x 11
Additional ATGM Noise Penalty: 4.0
Penalty to ATGM Agility: x0.65
Angle of Effect: 360°
Improved Thermal Imager
Stock Stock Ability to spot targets behind foliage improved by 30%
Improved Commander Optics
Stock Stock Vision range is increased by 10m
Improved Gun Stabilizer
Stock Stock Overall accuracy while moving is improved by 20%
Improved Gunner Optics
Stock Stock Accuracy is improved by 10%
Upgraded Fire Control System Sensors
Stock Stock Reduces the accuracy penalties for firing and traversing the hull.
Improved Cooling System
Stock Stock Camouflage factor increased by 2%
Enemy Thermal Sights effectiveness reduced by 30%
Improved Air Induction Precleaner
Stock Stock Crew stats increased by 2%
Chassis with Four Tracks
Stock Stock Mobility (Light Terrain): 87.8%
Mobility (Heavy Terrain): 73.1%


# Name XP Cost Stats Activation
Duration Cooldown More
a Ability Suspension.png
Dynamic Suspension
Stock N/A 0.25 s N/A N/A

This vehicle can lower its suspension to become stealthier and more accurate at the cost of mobility and vision range. Additionally, it can also tilt its hull to improve its gun depression and elevation angles.

No conditions bound to this ability.


  1. 850 mm at 150m;
    638 mm at 500m
  2. 442 for Partial Penetration;
    111 for Non-Penetrating Hits
  3. 18 mm at 100m;
    9 mm at 1000m