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Modules are components that keep a vehicle functional in combat.

Each module has its own set number of hitpoints and can take damage from enemy fire similar to crew members. Damaged module are shown as yellow, whereas disabled (destroyed) modules are red.

Any destroyed module will begin repairing automatically if it does not take additional damage in the process. Repair speed can be increased by various means: Commander skills, crew skills, Improved Pioneer Tool Kit retrofits, as well as passive effects of Spare Parts and Surplus Parts Crate consumables. However, modules repaired this way do not return to their optimal state, but only to damaged status at half of the original module hitpoints.

Activating a Spare Parts or Surplus Parts Crate consumable repairs all damaged and disabled modules in an instant and return them to optimal condition. Repair zones found in Global Operations and in some Special Operations missions can also repair all modules.

Armored Warfare's official website also refers upgradeable parts on a vehicle's upgrade screen as modules. To avoid confusion, this page only refers modules to a vehicle's destructible components in battle.

Module List[ | ]

Ammo Rack[ | ]

An ammo rack stores a vehicle's ammunition. There are three types of ammo racks: standard ammo racks, ammo racks with blow-out panels, and advanced ammo rack. Standard ammo racks that explode will cause total vehicle destruction with very few exceptional cases, whereas the other types of ammo rack will deal 30% of the vehicle's maximum hitpoints upon detonation.[1] Some vehicles feature two sets of ammo racks, while a few such as the SBS Pindad possess no ammo rack at all for gameplay reasons.

  • Damaged: Rate of fire is reduced.
  • Disabled: Vehicle is on fire, taking damage over time until extinguished. Fire has a chance cause ammo rack to explode, which may lead to heavy damage or complete destruction of vehicle depending on the ammo rack type. Rate of fire is also greatly reduced.

Commander Sights[ | ]

Commander sights are optics used by the vehicle's Commander to search for enemies.

  • Damaged: No changes in performance.
  • Disabled: Vision range is reduced.

Gunner Sights[ | ]

Gunner Sights are optics used by the vehicle's Gunner (or Commander if no Gunner is available) to aim with the vehicle's weapon(s).

  • Damaged: No changes in performance.
  • Disabled: Accuracy is reduced.

Loading Mechanism[ | ]

On vehicles with a loader crew, this module is known as a breech. Those without are equipped with an autoloader.

  • Damaged: Rate of fire is reduced.
  • Disabled: Rate of fire is greatly reduced.

Weapon[ | ]

Weapon refers to all systems that can fire ammunition, which include cannon rounds, guided missiles, rockets, machine gun ammo, and utility rounds.

  • Damaged: Aim time is increased. Accuracy is also reduced.
  • Disabled: Unable to fire all weapons. Weapon elevation and depression are also disabled.

Turret Ring[ | ]

The turret ring is usually situated near the base of a vehicle's turret. Vehicles like the FV438 Swingfire do not have a turret, hence they also have no turret ring.

  • Damaged: Turret traverse speed is reduced.
  • Disabled: Turret becomes immobilized.

Tracks[ | ]

Most tracked vehicles have one set of tracks on each side. Disabling one set of tracks will immobilize a vehicle, making it vulnerable to flanking attacks.

An exception to this rule is the Object 490, which has two pairs of tracks. Destroying one set of tracks will only reduce the vehicle's speed and mobility. In order to immobilize an Object 490, both front and rear sets of tracks have to be destroyed on one side of the vehicle.

  • Damaged: No changes in performance.
  • Disabled: Vehicle becomes immobilized.

Wheels[ | ]

Wheeled vehicles rely on road wheels instead of tracks, and they can number from four to eight. Disabling a wheel significantly reduces a wheeled vehicle's mobility, but it can still move as long as there are at least two functional wheels remaining.

  • Damaged: No changes in performance.
  • Disabled: Vehicle speed is greatly reduced.

APS[ | ]

Many high tier vehicles are equipped with Active Protection System (APS), which helps defend themselves from incoming ATGMs. APS come in two forms: Hard-kill and soft-kill, and some vehicles may be equipped with both types of APS.

  • Damaged: Charge cooldown time is increased.
  • Disabled: APS becomes out of order. Supercharged APS ability (if available) is also disabled.

Engine[ | ]

All vehicles come with at least one engine. Disabling the engine renders its vehicle immobile and vulnerable to flanking attacks. An engine also has a set chance of catching fire when hit by enemy fire, dealing damage over time until it is extinguished. However, an engine that is already disabled cannot catch fire unless it is already on fire beforehand.

Object 490 has two engines, which means both of its engines must be destroyed in order to immobilize the vehicle.

  • Damaged: Vehicle speed and hull traverse speed are reduced.
  • Disabled: Vehicle is immobilized.

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