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Standard Lieutenant

A standard Lieutenant Type 99A as seen in Watchdog

Lieutenant vehicles (also known as mini-boss in older versions) are AI-controlled vehicles that can be encountered in PvE and Special Operations. They are usually denoted by the term "Lieutenant" (or sometimes "Officer") with star symbols (★) on the vehicle names (e.g. ★ XM1A3 Lieutenant ★).

Gameplay[ | ]

Lieutenant vehicles serve as tough opponents and potential obstacles in missions. They have 50% more hit points than their ordinary counterparts, as well as boasting increased vision range, armor, damage, and penetration. Lieutenant vehicles may also deploy smoke when damaged. The chance of such vehicles spawning depends from mission to mission; missions such as Snake Bite and Quarterback have guaranteed spawns, whereas some maps like Phalanx and Scorpio have a small chance for them to appear. Destroying Lieutenant vehicles is the main mission objective in Cerberus.

Some missions in Special Operations also feature Lieutenant vehicles with other names in association with the story. There are also friendly NPC Lieutenant vehicles, and when such vehicles do appear they usually serve as mission critical assets; losing such vehicles in combat will result in a mission failure.

On Heroic difficulty of Black Sea Incursion Special Operations, special versions of Lieutenant vehicles appear on fixed locations. Enemy H-Lieutenant Main Battle Tanks have impervious frontal armor, and even their side armor is heavily resistant to most shells, therefore a combined effort among players is required to take such vehicles down.

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