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Meeting in Batumi is the first chapter of the Battalion exclusive Heroic difficulty Black Sea Incursion Special Operations in Armored Warfare.

Briefing[ | ]

"September 14 2041"

"Magnus explains what led to him declare war on the corporations.
In 2041, he went to Batumi to meet some colleagues and try to understand the circumstances behind an accident that occurred during the transportation of some cargo."

Primary Objectives[ | ]

Approach the Hotel[ | ]

Capture the control point at H1 within 2 minutes.

Defeat the Assault[ | ]

Defend the same control point at H1 for 1 minute.

Hold the Square[ | ]

Capture the control point at D2 within 1 minute.

Defend your Position[ | ]

Defend the same control point at D2 for 1 minute.

Link up with Cortez[ | ]

Reach the circle at I7 within 1 minute.

Wait for the Zubr[ | ]

The final objective is to defend the control point at J8 for 2 minutes.

Strategy[ | ]

Rewards[ | ]

Meeting in Batumi has a x3.3 Experience Experience multiplier and base x10 Credits Credits multiplier for completing the mission. This mission gives a base Experience worth 5,067 points to all players who complete the mission.