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Mechanized Infantry are infantry soldiers featured in Armored Warfare. First introduced in November 7, 2019 for a limited test,[1] Mechanized Infantry became permanent addition to the game since December 5, 2019.[2]

Gameplay[ | ]

Deployment[ | ]


In order to deploy infantry in battle, "Deploy AT Squad", "Deploy Sniper", or "Deploy Mortar Squad" must be selected in garage prior to joining a matchmaking queue.

Vehicles that have AT Squad, Mortar Squad, or Sniper available as active ability (default key "E") can deploy infantry in battle. This must be configured in the garage screen (located between ammunition and consumables) before queuing for a battle. A list of eligible vehicles and deployable infantry types can be found in the table below.

In battle the player vehicle must be stationary in order to activate the ability and deploy infantry. If the vehicle starts moving while infantry is still being deployed, the last infantry unit in deployment animation will still leave vehicle successfully, but any other remaining units still not deploy will remain inside the vehicle. In that case deployed infantry must be recalled before redeployment.

Deployed infantry can be recalled by pressing the same active ability key if any are in proximity to the player vehicle. Regardless of the number of infantry units deployed on the field, all deployed units will almost instantly return to the vehicle when recalled.

Any infantry units that are killed stay dead for the duration of the battle. In PvE and Special Operations, lost infantry can be replenished with the Ammo Refill ability once per battle, but all deployed infantry must first be recalled in order for replenishment to take effect. Alternatively, infantry can also be replenished via Supply Zones in Special Operations and Global Operations.

Deployed infantry units remain functional in battle even if their owner's vehicle is destroyed. If the said vehicle then respawns, its infantry capacity will be replenished even if there are units already deployed on the field. Pressing the active ability key will instantly removed previously deployed units and deploy new units on the vehicle's position. However, if all existing units are killed after vehicle respawns but before new units are deployed, the game would consider all infantry as dead regardless of the vehicle capacity and bars the player from deploying any more infantry units until it is replenished again.

Mechanics[ | ]

Deployed Mechanized Infantry units function as independent units, and can deal damage and spot enemies just like player vehicles do. Damage and spotting done by infantry also help contribute to the player's total damage and assist damage. On the field, each infantry unit has a chevron above them with the corresponding team color. On the minimap, infantry units are represented by small dots instead.

AT Squad troopers and Mortar Squad troopers automatically engage viable targets in range, and Snipers automatically engage enemy infantry units by default. The player can also direct their infantry to target a specific unit with a command (default key "V"). A special marker will appear on the said target if at least one infantry unit that they player commands can attack it.

Although small in size, Mechanized Infantry units have only 1 hitpoint with no armor,[3] and they can be countered with direct fire. They are also very vulnerable to HE shells and some HEAT projectiles, which have greater area of damage against infantry than they normally do against vehicles. Furthermore, Mechanized Infantry will usually try to evade incoming vehicles in range, but they can still be run over. In PvE mode, AI-controlled enemy vehicles prioritize attacking players' deployed Mechanized Infantry over player vehicles.

Unit types[ | ]

AT Squad[ | ]

AT Squad screenshot

AT Squad

AT Squad, or Anti-Tank Squad, consists of troopers armed with recoilless weapon. If selected as active ability, a vehicle can carry and deploy four AT Squad troopers in battle. AS21 Redback and Namer IFV can carry five troopers, while the Schützenpanzer Puma can carry six. AT Squad engages enemies within their vision range and line of sight, and while the damage output is relatively low individually, a volley of fire from multiple troopers can potentially score significant amount of damage.

AT Squad troopers deployed by vehicles between Tiers 3 and 8 carry HEAT shells, whereas those carried by Tiers 9 and 10 carry HEAT-MP shells that can cause chip damage even if they cannot penetrate enemy vehicle armor.

As of July 2021, AT Squads have the following stats:

Tier Damage Vision Range
{while stopped)
9-10 225 255m 60%
6-8 200 255m 60%
3-5 175 255m 60%

In Special Operations, enemy AT Squad troopers have lower vision range (170m) and camouflage factor (35%).[4]

Mortar Squad[ | ]

Mortar Squad screenshot

Mortar trooper

As their name implies, Mortar Squad troopers use mortars to deal damage against enemy targets. They have the lowest view range and camouflage factor, but benefit from the ability to carry out indirect fire. As such they can be positioned well away from front lines and behind obstacles for extra protection. If selected as active ability, a vehicle can carry and deploy one Mortar trooper in battle. The AS21 Redback and Namer IFV can carry two troopers instead. Mortar Squad troopers engage spotted enemies within 350m of their positions.

Mortar Squad troopers across all tiers use HE shells. They have a long travel time, hence indirect fire should be directed against stationary targets whenever possible.

As of July 2021, Mortar Squad troopers have the following stats:

Tier Damage Vision Range
{while stopped)
3-10 480 175m 40%

In Special Operations, enemy Mortar Squad troopers have lower vision range (170m), camouflage factor (35%), as well as firing range (200m).[4]

Sniper[ | ]

Sniper screenshot


Snipers function as scouts and anti-infantry troopers in battle. If selected as active ability, a vehicle can carry and deploy one Sniper in battle. Snipers automatically engage infantry within their vision range and line of sight. Although they do not automatically engage enemy vehicles by default, Snipers can be instructed to do so with a command, in which case they try to target the target vehicle's sights in order to blind them. They can also deal damage to thinly armored vehicles with their anti-material rifles' bullets, but the damage incurred is not significant. Last but not least, snipers can automatically designate an enemy vehicle similar to a playable vehicle's active ability.

As of July 2021, Snipers have the following stats:

Tier Damage Vision Range
{while stopped)
3-10 15 400m 80%

In Standard PvE and Special Operations, enemy Snipers have lower vision range (250m) and camouflage factor (50%). They also stand instead of lying down in prone position.[4]

Assault Squad[ | ]

Assault Squad is similar to AT Squad, but these troopers fire thermobaric rockets from their recoilless weapons, which have greater splash radius and are designed to be more effective against infantry and unarmored vehicles. If selected as active ability, a vehicle can carry and deploy three Assault Squad troopers in battle. As with AT Squad, Assault Squad engages enemies within their vision range and line of sight.

As of December 2023, Assault Squads have the following stats:

Tier Damage Vision Range
{while stopped)
9-10 600 255m 60%

Vehicles with Mechanized Infantry[ | ]

Tier Vehicle Anti-Tank Mortar Sniper Assault
3 BMD-1
3 BMP-1
3 M113 ACAV
4 BMD-1P
4 BMP-1P
4 BWP-1M
4 ZBD-86
5 BMD-2
5 BMP-2
5 OT-64
6 BMD-4
6 BMP-3
6 BVP-M2
6 C13 TUA
6 ZBL-08
7 BMD-2M
7 BMP-3M
7 BWP-2000
7 Rosomak
7 Type 89 IFV
7 Warrior
7 ZBD-04A
8 Bradley FV
8 CV90 Mk.IV
8 Dragun 125
8 Griffin 50mm
8 K21
8 Marder 2
8 Rosomak M1M
8 VN17
9 AS21 [note 1] [note 2]
9 Boxer CRV
9 Hunter AFV
9 Kurganets-25
9 Merkava 4
10 Ajax
10 Boxer RIWP
10 Kornet-D1
10 Lynx Prototype
10 Merkava 4M
10 Namer [note 1] [note 2]
10 PL-01
10 Puma [note 3]
10 T-15 Armata
10 T-15 Kinzhal


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  2. 2.0 2.1 This vehicle can deploy two Mortar Squad troopers.
  3. This vehicle can deploy six AT Squad troopers.