Maximillian Koenig

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Maximillian Koenig

Maximillian Koenig is an exclusive commander available in Armored Warfare. He is unlocked by purchasing a founder's pack.

Maximillian's skills are focused on training your crew and gaining reputation. This makes him equally suited for any vehicle. He has the exact same set of skills as Fyodor Sokolov

Skills[edit | edit source]

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Maximillian's Skill block since Patch 0.22
Maximillian's Skill block since Patch 0.22

Core Skill:

Combat Experience IV - Reputation earned is increased by 26% (+1% up to 40% maximum)

Other skills:

Skill Name Description Category Conditional Quantity
Fireproof I Reduces damage caused by fire by 1.15 times Defensive no 2
Foot Down I Vehicle maximum speed increased by 1.3% Mobility no 1
Maxed Out I Repair speed inceased by 5% Defensive no 3
Maxed Out III Repair speed increased by 15% Defensive no 1
Mobility I Increases hull traverse by 2% Mobility no 1
Mobility II Increases hull traverse by 3.5% Mobility no 1
No Deaths II Crew resilience improved by 10.9% Defensive no 2
Offroader II Acceleration in offroad environtments is improved by 4.4% Mobility no 2
Perception II Turret traverse speed increased by 3.5% Mobility no 2
Personal Example I Crew stats improved by 0.5% Tactical no 3
Personal Example III Crew stats improved by 1.5% Tactical no 1
Smooth Drive I Tread and wheel hit points increased by 12.5% Defensive no 2
Steel Support III Tread hit points increased by 37.5% Defensive no 1
Swap I Ammo swap speed improved by 12% Tactical no 2
Texas Duel I Aim speed improved by 2.5% Offensive no 3
Texas Duel III Aim speed improved by 7.5% Offensive no 1
Total Control I ATGM noise improved by 6.3% Offensive no 2
Vehicle Armor I Damage caused by ramming reduced by 12% Defensive no 2

Suggested Commands[edit | edit source]

  • Any Vehicle

Personnel File[edit | edit source]

  • Place of Birth: Genoa, Italy

Maximillian's dream has always been, and continues to be, commanding tanks. Quiet and reserved, he livens up only when at the controls of an armored vehicle. While in the military, he found himself somewhat isolated as a result of his single-minded focus on his career. Now as a contractor, he is a highly valued commander, and his crews always exhibit the utmost loyalty.

Legacy Skills[edit | edit source]

These are the skills Maximillian possessed before the commander skill rework in Patch 0.22. As such, they are currently obsolete and are not indicative of his current skills in the game at this time.

  • Tier 1 - Career Soldier: Reputation gained in this vehicle increased by 10%.
  • Tier 2 - Leadership: Crew attributes increased by an additional 4%
  • Tier 2 - Lock On!: Aim speed increased by 20% for 20 seconds after you spot an enemy.
  • Tier 3 - Vigilant: Vision range increased by 10%.
  • Tier 4 - Fitness Training: Increases crew hit points by 20%.
  • Tier 4 - Find Me a Target: Turret traverse speed increased by 20% for 20 seconds after being spotted by an enemy.
  • Tier 5 - Accelerated Training: Crew experience gained increased by 10%.

Gallery[edit | edit source]