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Currently, there are 15 maps in Armored Warfare. These maps are used in PvP and Global Operations battles and most of the PvE missions.

The following is a list of maps currently in rotation.

Map Description PvP PvE Global Operations
Barren Divide Barren Divide is the 2nd Global Operations exclusive Map, set in the Caucasus Mountains No None Yes
Chemical Plant Chemical Plant is a Map set around a Chemical Plant in the Mojave Desert Yes No
Coastal Threat Coastal Threat was introduced in update 0.13, and is a completely reworked version of an older map of the same name that appeared in the early Alpha stages of Armored Warfare’s development. The size of the map is 1200x1200 meters. Yes No
Cold Strike Cold Strike is a winter map that combines urban terrain with elevation changes and a frozen river. The architecture is modeled on cities within the former Soviet Union. Yes No
Desert Crossing Desert Crossing is the first Map exclusive to the Global Operations Map, and is set in the Desert around a Shipyard No None Yes
Frontline Frontline very large (1400 x 1400 meters) map, that is almost completely open. Yes None No
Ghost Fields Ghost Fields is a map centered on an airfield at the bottom of a valley. Yes Yes
Highwall Highwall is a map of an industrial strip mine. It's 1200 x 1200 meters in size, and first appeared in 0.14 update. Yes No
Lost Island Lost Island is an island map with a tropical atmosphere. Yes No
Narrows The Narrows is a battlefield along a pipeline loosely based on the "Druzhba" pipeline from Russia through Ukraine and Belarus to Germany. It consists of a rural, hilly environment that includes sniping spots and cover for slow but steady tank advancement. Yes Yes
Pipelines Pipelines is a desert map where you battle for an oil refinery. The terrain includes dunes, a river and elevation changes. Yes No
Port Storm The Port Storm is a desert port map. It includes desert dunes and a port at the edge of the sea with ships and shipping containers. Yes No
Reactor Reactor is a map introduced with patch 0.9.0. This map is currently the largest map in the Armored Warfare stable at 1.4km by 1.4km. It has mountainous terrain map with a central reactor power plant complex. Yes No
River Point River Point is a map that is centered on a circular village with a highway along one side and higher elevation dirt roads on the other. Yes No
Roughneck The Roughneck map is battle for an oil refinery and pumping station in Russia. Yes Yes
Tropical Coast Tropical Coast map is a Coast Map based in Jamaica Yes No
Waterway Waterway is a Map set around the Panama Canal Yes Yes

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