Main Battle Tanks, or MBTs, are the brawlers and close combat fighter class of Armored Warfare, designed for protection and firepower against all threats.


Main Battle Tanks are the ultimate evolution of the tank concept that started during the Great War and fully evolved during the Second World War. They are powerful, lumbering beasts capable of deciding a battle on their own. Even though the age of massive armored clashes is over, the Main Battle Tanks still have a role on the modern battlefield.


The Main Battle Tanks are the center points of each team. The team tactics revolve around them and their capabilities, due to their unique ability to charge forward and soak up damage, thanks to their thick armor and large health pools. MBTs are made to lead both attacks and stubborn defenses. But they are not invulnerable; outflanking maneuvers or isolation from their team can mean death for an MBT driver, making battlefield support vital.

Main Battle Tanks should favor areas that don’t allow the enemies to easily flank them, such as:

  • Mountain passes
  • Valleys with tall sides
  • Cities and other urban areas

In such environments, the MBT class can use its main advantage: thick frontal armor that should always be positioned towards the most dangerous enemy or potential threat.

List of Main Battle Tanks

East European MBTs (by Uralvagonzavod)

East European MBTs (by Kharkiv)

American MBTs

Leopard Variant MBTs

West European MBTs

Chinese Domestic MBTs

Chinese Export MBTs

Israeli Imported/modified MBTs

Israeli Merkava Variant MBTs

French MBTs

Italian MBTs

American Experimental MBT

Asian MBT

Premium MBTs

Special MBTs

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