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The M113 ACAV is a Tier 3 progression Tank Destroyer under Sophie Wölfli's dealership.

History[ | ]

M113 ACAV[ | ]

Class: Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Developed: 1963-1965
Service: 1963-1974
Vehicles Built: 50-100
Operators: USA, South Vietnam

The M113 ACAV is a variant of the ubiquitous American M113 APC, which became famous during the Vietnam War. ACAV stands for Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicle, signifying a switch from the traditional U.S. APC battle taxi role to something resembling an Infantry Fighting Vehicle doctrine. The M113 would no longer be used to just transport troops around and bail out once the fighting got thick, but to accompany the infantry into battle and actively support them with the fire of its weapons. The first ACAV vehicles were actually not designed by the Americans, but by their South-Vietnamese allies, who actively used the M113 in battle. They installed machinegun shields, added some extra armor plating and sometimes installed a 106mm M40 recoilless rifle on top of the vehicle for some extra firepower. This weapon turned out to be extremely useful against various barricades and jungle fortifications.

The Americans also adopted the gun shield idea and by 1965 production of an ACAV kit was underway in the United States and Okinawa. These kits were then installed by the troops in the field, although in some later cases ACAV kits were installed on M113 vehicles that were still located in the United States. The first time the ACAV variant was used in large numbers was Operation Cedar Falls in January 1967, during which it was used by 11th Armored Cavalry. Many were afterwards used as convoy escorts. There were several mount variants of the M40 ACAV, but most disappeared with the end of the Vietnam War. Some were given to the Cambodian Khmer forces. Hundreds of M113s ended up in North Vietnamese hands, many of which were of the ACAV variant. Exactly how many vehicles were equipped with recoilless rifles is unknown, perhaps several dozen.

Banger[ | ]

Class: Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Developed: 1963-1965
Service: 1963-1974
Vehicles Built: 50-100
Operators: USA, South Vietnam

Eclipse Lore: The Banger was an old M113 leased to Perihelion for its training duration by the U.S. Army. The official version is that it gained its nickname from a large recoilless rifle mounted on top. Several days before the arrival of Samuel Thorpe, the gun was accidentally discharged in the middle of the camp, resulting in severe hearing issues for several Perihelion mercenaries. There are some who claim the name came from the stretcher found in the troop compartment, which a number of Perihelion troops used as their private hideaway. The Banger was lost during the battle for the U.S. Army base, the fate of its crew unknown.

Vehicle Traits[ | ]

  • Marksman: This vehicle can fire advanced ammunition from its accurate weapon, allowing it to destroy enemy armor at long distances.
  • HESH Rounds: This vehicle can fire special Squash Head rounds. These are extremely effective against angled armor that is typical for Soviet tanks.
  • Amphibious: This vehicle is more resistant to taking on water, allowing it to traverse wider rivers or lakes.
  • Troop Compartment: This vehicle features a troop compartment, allowing you to repair your modules faster and to capture objectives more effectively.

Ammunition[ | ]

# Ammo
XP Cost Damage Penetration Velocity Reload
1 105mm M346A1 HEP HEP Experience 7,710 333 400 mm 650 m/s 7.00 s
  • Accuracy (Fully Aimed): 0.12 °
  • Fire Chance Bonus: 100 %
  • Damage Randomization: ± 15 %
  • Penetration Randomization: ± 15 %
  • Bonus Module Damage: 35 %
  • Spall Threshold: 137 mm
2 105mm M344A1 HEAT HEAT Stock 485 630 mm 800 m/s 7.00 s
  • Accuracy (Fully Aimed): 0.11 °
  • Fire Chance Bonus: 300 %
  • Damage Randomization: ± 10 %
  • Penetration Randomization: ± 10 %
  • Bonus Module Damage: 25 %
3 12.7mm AP AP Stock 15 30[note 1] mm 855 m/s 5.00 s
  • Accuracy (Fully Aimed): 0.98 °
  • Magazine Type: Clip
  • Partial Reload: Yes
  • Magazine Size: 800
  • Burst Fire Rate: 400 rd/min
  • Damage Randomization: ± 10 %
  • Penetration Randomization: ± 10 %
  • Ricochet Angle: 67.0 °

Upgrades[ | ]

Armor[ | ]

M113 Stock Armor
XP Cost Credit Cost Hull
Stock Stock 25 mm (vs AP)
30 mm (vs HEAT)
Steel 10 mm (vs AP)
10 mm (vs HEAT)
Steel N/A N/A vs AP
This vehicle's light armor offers basic protection from autocannons and machineguns.

Weapon[ | ]

# Name XP Cost Credit Cost Aim Time Reload Time More Info
Weapon1 106mm M40 Recoilless Rifle Stock Stock 2.50 s 7.00 s


  • Depression/Elevation: -10.0° / 48.0°
105mm M346A1 HEP
105mm M344A1 HEAT
12.7mm AP

Engine[ | ]

Name XP Cost Credit Cost Max Speed Reverse Speed Forward
Hull Traverse Fire Chance
Chrysler 75M 209 hp Diesel Engine Stock Stock 68 km/h 25 km/h 5.93 s (0 to 32 km/h)
32.80 s (0 to Max Speed)
46.76° 10 %
Detroit Diesel 6V53T 275 hp Diesel Engine Experience 520 Credits 8,080 68 km/h 25 km/h 3.93 s (0 to 32 km/h)
21.88 s (0 to Max Speed)
46.76° 8 %

Parts[ | ]

Name XP Cost Credit Cost Description Notes
M82 Smoke Grenades
Stock Stock Comes with 2 charges
Recharge time: 60s
Duration: 10s
M90 Smoke Grenades
Experience 1,250 Credits 19,380 Comes with 6 charges in total
Magazine capacity: 2 charges
Takes 3s to recharge
Duration: 10s
Magazine reload time: 25s
Improved Rangefinder
Experience 1,820 Credits 28,270 Accuracy is improved by 10%
Improved Loading Mechanism
Experience 4,210 Credits 65,620 Rate of fire is increased by 7%
Improved Optics Lenses
Stock Stock Accuracy is improved by 50%
Improved Optics Stabilizer
Stock Stock Reduces the accuracy penalties for firing and traversing the turret.
Troop Compartment
Stock Stock Base capture rate increased by 25%
Repair rate while standing increased by 25%
Stock Tracks
Stock Stock Mobility (Light Terrain): 91.1%
Mobility (Heavy Terrain): 77.7%
Improved Tracks
Experience 430 Credits 6,650 Mobility (Light Terrain): 91.6%
Mobility (Heavy Terrain): 78.5%

Other unlocks[ | ]

Name Cost Description Notes
Battle Hardened
Golds 450 The Battle-Hardened status allows you to earn more Experience and Credits
and also grants preferential matchmaking to the vehicle.
Green Dragon
Player Title
Experience 3,240 Unlocks a new player title: Green Dragon
670 Reputation
Experience 1,350 Provides an injection of 670 Reputation.
670 Reputation
Experience 1,350 Provides an injection of 670 Reputation.

Abilities[ | ]

# Name XP Cost Stats Activation
Duration Cooldown More
ATSquad Ability AT squad
Deploy AT Squad
Stock Squad Size: 4
Upgrade: 84mm AT4 HEAT
Ammo Type: HEAT
Damage: 175
Vision Range while Stopped: 255 m
Camouflage: 60%
1 s N/A N/A

Anti-Tank troops set ambushes that are highly effective against lightly armored vehicles.

No conditions bound to this ability.
Sniper Ability Sniper
Deploy Sniper
Stock Squad Size: 1
Upgrade: 12.7mm M903 AP Bullet
Ammo Type: AP
Damage: 15
Vision Range while Stopped: 400 m
Camouflage: 80%
1 s N/A N/A

The sniper is an excellent scout, very effective against enemy infantry and capable of destroying vehicle optics.

No conditions bound to this ability.
Mortar Ability Mortar
Deploy Mortar Squad
Stock Squad Size: 1
Upgrade: 82mm O-832DU HE
Ammo Type: HE
Damage: 480
Vision Range while Stopped: 175 m
Camouflage: 40%
1 s N/A N/A

Mortar squad provides long-range high-arc indirect fire.

No conditions bound to this ability.


  1. 30 mm at 100m;
    15 mm at 1000m
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